Having that secret sauce of someone who’s an expert on that feature or function, and has seen the best of what it can do for your customers, is the real value of Accelerators. ”

Kevin Kovalcik, Senior Manager, Services Systems, Citrix

Citrix launches new support channel with help from Accelerator.

Over 100 million people around the world use Citrix products. The company’s mission is to power a world where people, organizations, and things are securely connected and accessible. Its technology makes it easier for people to communicate and access information securely anytime, wherever they are, and from whatever device they’re using. Customer support is critical to this. That’s why Citrix puts customer service front and center as part of its engagement strategy , making sure its customers can always get help fast.
Citrix uses Service Cloud to help its support team work efficiently and provide prompt, highly personalized responses to customers, regardless of the channel of engagement. Phone and email have traditionally been the primary way to communicate with customers, however, as part of its objective to make it easier for customers to engage, the Citrix support team decided to roll out Live Agent for chat support.

Driving comfort and confidence

As part of the implementation, Kevin Kovalcik, Senior Manager of Services Systems at Citrix, asked his Salesforce Success Manager to set up a Live Agent Accelerator for the Citrix service operations team. Kovalcik’s team is composed of experienced citizen developers who had already configured the application according to the Salesforce documentation; Kovalcik knew from his previous experience working with Accelerators that these specialists could provide insight into best practices for optimizing the Live Agent Accelerator.

Kovalcik knew that an Accelerator would help his team delve into the product more quickly and deeply, learn about the value it offers, and design processes and practices to implement the product to meet specific business challenges. Accelerator Specialists not only bring project and process expertise but also share how other customers have resolved challenges and have been successful in their implementations.  
Salesforce specialists helped the Citrix team design, launch, and run a pilot program for a subset of users. This Accelerator engagement helped top executives, as well as call center agents, quickly understand how Live Agent could help improve overall customer experience.
“Having that secret sauce of someone who’s an expert on that feature or function, and has seen the best of what it can do for your customers, is the real value of Accelerators,” said Kovalcik. “It was the best possible way to get agents more comfortable with new ways of connecting with our customers.”

Transformative year

After just a few months, hundreds of customers began using Live Agent to request help or support. This resulted in a 3% higher Net Promoter Score for Citrix in the month after launch, and a 48% decrease in time required to resolve customer inquiries compared to other channels.
The success of Live Agent helped Kovalcik’s team gain the confidence of company leaders by showing how Salesforce could improve Citrix’s customer experience. “It’s really been a transformative year in how we use Salesforce at Citrix,” said Kovalcik. “Participating in the Accelerator program was essential to our success.”


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