Salesforce provides Comcast’s entire B2B sales environment – from opportunity management to price quoting and sale booking.”


Comcast relies on the Signature Success Plan for key sales operation systems

Comcast’s B2B sales team is dependent on Salesforce. That’s not an overstatement. “If the application, data or features aren’t available, the sales team can’t work,” says Comcasts’ Salesforce Delivery Lead. “99.99% availability is paramount.”

Their delivery lead is devoted to ensuring the success of monthly Salesforce releases. “Sales people rely on Salesforce. com to create opportunities, look up pricing, develop quotes, and submit orders,” says their delivery lead. “As the business grows, Comcast needs to ensure application quality and adherence with best practices. It made sense to add Signature Support, a feature of the Signature Success Plan.”

Salesforce scalability and health depend on monthly releases that include new features and performance improvements. David Cardoza, the Signature support engineer assigned to Comcast, created a dashboard of performance metrics to keep developers focused on priority issues. “For example, we can see the load times of our reports, note the worst offenders, and make improvements within our sprint cycle,” says their delivery lead. “Without David’s dashboard, we would have to dig through code manually or develop our own monitor.”

Signature Support also plays an important role in Comcast’s time-critical deployment process. “Releases are deployed on a Thursday night,” says their delivery lead. “If there’s a problem, Friday’s sales productivity will be impacted. Signature Support is notified of our release plans and provides back-end monitoring and status reports. They respond quickly to issues and provide resolution plans. Signature Support identified a rogue process that was slowing down deployment. With David’s help, we’ve taken three hours of deployment time. And since Signature Support has been in place, we haven’t had a single failed deployment.” Comcast sees a real difference between other success plans and Signature Support “There’s a difference in the quality of the people,” says their delivery lead. “Instead of someone taking down our question and taking time to find the answer, David knows the answer. He’s an expert and an integral part of our development team.”


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