FFF Enterprises

With the Salesforce Platform, everyone at our company can work faster for customers.”

Adam Smith, Salesforce Administrator at FFF Enterprises

FFF Enterprises delivers with the Salesforce1 Mobile App

It’s the conundrum of the business world. How do you give customers all the benefits of new technology, while maintaining the personal touch that has gone the way of bank tellers and telephone operators? For FFF Enterprises, the nation’s largest distributor of plasma products, vaccines, and critical care biopharmaceuticals, the answer is Salesforce.

“With Salesforce, our customers get the speed and efficiency of today’s technologies, without sacrificing a face-to-face relationship,” says Adam Smith, Salesforce Administrator.

FFF, which is known for secure and reliable distribution of critical-care products, works with everyone from single practitioners to some of the country’s largest hospitals. The Salesforce Platform helps the company’s employees share information and collaborate to help customers. And Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets FFF easily manage email campaigns and track response rates.


There isn’t one thing I’ve been asked to do that I can’t do with Salesforce1.”

Adam Smith, Salesforce Administrator at FFF Enterprises

Maintaining face-to-face relationships

FFF’s employees work with thousands of accounts, so the ability to work on the road is essential if they want to maximize face time with customers. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, FFF’s employees can quickly access detailed information — including activity history, invoices, open orders, and more — through their mobile devices.

“Our reps don’t need to try to piece together customer and order information to place orders from their phones.” With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, they can easily access customer information while on-site, and click to place orders. Employees can also receive alerts when new customers place orders or existing customers forget to place their regular ones. And everyone can view custom dashboards and reports from their phones.

Smith customized the Salesforce1 Mobile App to meet FFF’s unique needs in just days, and now he can add new functionality in seconds. “With the Salesforce Platform, everyone at our company can work faster for customers,” he says. “The Salesforce1 Mobile App is changing the way we do business.”


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