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Kira Systems simplifies the contract review and analysis process for more companies

Acquisitions can be complicated: documents need to be sourced, contracts need to be checked, and figures need to be validated. This is often done via traditional review, but it doesn’t have it to be this way. Kira Systems has harnessed the power of machine learning to help find relevant information quickly and easily to support not only acquisition due diligence but also compliance efforts, and a wide range of other use cases involving contract review.

“Up to 60% of the legal fee incurred during an acquisition is from due diligence. We help our customers complete this process up to 90% faster than before,” said Vinay Nair, SVP Marketing of Kira Systems. “With Salesforce, we can introduce more companies to a new and simpler way of handling contract analysis.”

Maintaining service quality alongside rapid growth.

Founded in 2011, Kira Systems has grown from just two employees to over 200. From its North American and UK offices, it works with many of the world’s top legal, consultancy, accounting firms, and other corporate enterprises.

Its powerful machine learning software identifies, extracts, and analyzes text in contracts and other documents to help customers simplify compliance, lease abstraction, perform due diligence and assess deal points and finance issues.

Kira Systems’ explosive growth is impressive, but rapid evolution can come with challenges. “When you’re growing at the rate we are, both the cultural and operational shifts are significant. We’ve needed to ensure our processes, systems, and people can adapt without compromising service levels,” explained Nair. “With Salesforce, we can continue to offer an award-winning customer experience as our global footprint expands.”

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Better visibility boosts sales productivity and performance.

Kira Systems implemented Salesforce Lightning for its sales, services, and marketing teams in 2017. “Our users are passionate about using Salesforce; they have witnessed first-hand how it makes their jobs easier,” said Sheela Viswananthan, Senior Salesforce Admin at Kira Systems. “Poor usage of our legacy platform meant that data was inconsistent, which prevented us from extracting any meaningful insights.”

Sales Cloud underpins the entire sales cycle providing a comprehensive record of the customer journey. Account managers have a personalized view of current leads and can generate their own reports and insights, such as renewal opportunities and win rates. “With greater visibility of sales productivity and performance, we can move leads through the funnel more quickly,” said Nair.

Kira Systems has also freed up time for the sales team by simplifying the approvals process for order request forms and product discounts. “Instead of emailing a request, the team gets an automated notification,” said Viswananthan. “It used to take a week to get approval but now it’s wrapped up in a day.”

Measuring the impact of marketing activities.

Trade shows and conferences are key to Kira Systems’ sales pipeline, but the ROI was not tracked. With Salesforce, every lead and contact can be linked to specific interactions during events, which helps shape future investment decisions.

Every lead is scored and graded by Pardot, which enables Kira Systems to ensure they are directed to the right team at the right time. The marketing team also uses Pardot to track and measure its activities across different channels, such as campaigns, partnerships and paid advertising.

“With Pardot and Salesforce combined, we can measure and predict how all of our marketing initiatives will bring in ROI and ROAS with great accuracy, and in real time,” said Sheila Knight, Director of Digital Marketing and Operations.

Up to 60% of the legal fee incurred during an acquisition is from due diligence. We help our customers complete this process up to 90% faster than before.”

Vinay Nair, SVP Marketing, Kira Systems

Lead Tech boosts engagement with apps and trails.

The marketeers at Kira Systems are so enthusiastic about Salesforce that they are now regular Trailhead users. “It helps them develop their skills, troubleshoot problems, and optimize engagement,” explained Knight. “Our team has even posted a poll for people to log how many Trailhead points they pick up each week!”

Kira Systems has also harnessed the power of apps to help simplify event management. An app from the Salesforce App Exchange creates landing pages, sends out reminders, automates registrations, and even notifies the on-site team when customers arrive so they can be welcomed individually.

By integrating its own app with Salesforce, the company can track this engagement and keep account teams informed of user adoption rates.

Providing a rapid response to customer queries.

Personal and special touches like this have helped Kira Systems land several customer service awards. “Our customers expect an instant response and we have invested heavily to ensure this is what they get,” said Nair.

With Service Cloud, Kira Systems can automatically route calls and cases to members of its strong customer service team. Although the company has a first response target time of one hour, the majority of the 50 cases logged every day are picked up within just 30 minutes.

“With Service Cloud, we can anticipate customer needs. If the same query has been flagged by someone else previously, we can see how we responded and provide a quicker resolution,” said Viswanathan.

Richer data fuels smarter business decisions.

Like many organizations, Kira Systems has a new mantra: if data isn’t in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist. “By capturing sales, service, and marketing data centrally, teams can make decisions based on Cross-functional business processes together as 'Salesforce as one Source',” said Viswanathan.

“Salesforce has made us more data-driven,” said Knight. “Team members can see the impact their work has on the overall success of the business and our execs can initiate smarter strategies that keep us at the top of our game.”


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