Land O'Lakes connects with farmers around the nation in a unified buying experience.


Land O’Lakes goes digital to serve farmers across the United States.

Minnesota-based Land O'Lakes, Inc. invented the individually wrapped butter stick. But the organization is about much more than butter. It’s a member-owned agricultural co-operative serving over 1,700 farmers in the United States.

The company is divided into three segments. The Dairy Foods group produces butter, spreads, and cheese as Land O'Lakes, Alpine Lace, and New Yorker. The Feed segment is focused on animal feeds. Crop Inputs is dedicated to seeds and crop protection products.

Land O’Lakes, Inc. also offers operating loans and financing to farmers and livestock producers.

Farming is a profession nearly as old as civilization. Even so, the Land O'Lakes customer base expects tech-driven, personalized experiences that shoppers get from other industries. The company embraced the digital age — and reported impressive results — with a Salesforce partnership.

"We implemented Service Cloud, a (Community Cloud) customer community, and (B2B Commerce) for online ordering to bring it all into one consolidated, seamless user experience for our customers."
Brian Shelstad
Director, Digital Development

1. A once-disconnected customer experience yielded fresh opportunity.

Before adopting ecommerce, Land O'Lakes had a broken user experience. Orders were being done via fax, emails, and phone. Its online order application didn’t include pricing, search, or product information. Customer service reps were fielding a high number of calls. A customer survey revealed an opportunity to focus on ease of doing business with Land O’Lakes.

In other words, it was time to embrace ecommerce and kick off a digital transformation. Land O'Lakes approached the challenge with determination to make its buyer experience better than ever. It turned to Salesforce for help.

Big changes followed.


2. Land O’Lakes introduced a spread of connected online buyer experiences.

The Land O'Lakes team partnered with Salesforce to build its ecommerce site. B2B Commerce and Community Cloud power its improved experience. The site provides dealers one convenient source for product info, service requests, and quick product reorders. They can even self-manage orders, making changes or contacting customer service from the site.

With B2B Commerce, Land O'Lakes has launched online ordering capabilities in several of its divisions. The speed-to-market and scalability of SaaS has proven revelatory for the long-standing brand.

Through Service Cloud and Sales Cloud integration, service reps share a complete view of every customer. They can even assist buyers by ordering or making corrections on their behalf.

3. Even greener pastures lie ahead for Land O’Lakes.

Using Salesforce, Land O'Lakes connects with customers in an entirely new way. It has increased revenue through cross- and upsell. User adoption has steadily increased, too. The company also reports a reduced cost applied to servicing customers, even as customer satisfaction scores rise.

Things are smoother than ever for the farmers and buyers who work with Land O’Lakes. As the cooperative makes strides in a user-friendly experience, one thing’s for certain: This is about much more than butter.


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