With Salesforce, we get the whole package. We can work faster and smarter. And we can make better business decisions.”

Colin Bettam, Chief Marketing Officer AT League

League is reinventing health insurance in Canada with a digital alternative to traditional plans. Founded in 2014, the company is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives by providing flexible benefits packages for employees in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“Around two thirds of SMEs in Canada don’t currently offer healthcare insurance,” said Colin Bettam, Chief Marketing Officer at League. “We provide them with a solution that fits the needs of their business, whether it’s flexibility, cost certainty or a better experience for their employees.”

League’s digital and flexible approach is proving particularly popular with companies in the technology, marketing, hospitality, and healthcare sectors, who often have a high proportion of millennials. “SMEs like to invest in their staff, but to differentiate from other employers they need to offer the best packages. Health insurance is increasingly important for millennials, and in the app age, they expect a digital experience.”


We want to create different customer journeys for different segments. Taking a more personalised and targeted approach helps us generate more leads.”

Colin Bettam, Chief Marketing Officer AT League

League has more than 100,000 members, who it connects with thousands of healthcare professionals across Canada. “Members have complete visibility to the budget available to them and complete control over how to use it,” said Kyle Norton, Head of Sales at League. “As the entire process is managed digitally, members don’t have to worry about saving receipts or sending in paperwork – they simply use a digital wallet that’s linked to our insurance platform.”

Taking a digital approach has delivered massive efficiency gains for League. To sustain and scale this model, it needs constant access to accurate and integrated data. “In the healthcare industry, data has always been very disparate. We want to break down the silos to provide members with a comprehensive picture of their health, so they can make more informed choices,” said Norton.

To support these aspirations, League needed a unified approach to customer relationship management (CRM). “If you want a platform that is easy to use and can scale at speed, Salesforce is really the only option,” said Norton. League implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in 2016 and has gone on to tap into the Salesforce Platform ecosystem. “There’s so much rich and varied functionality that we can power much of our business from the Salesforce platform,” said Bettam.

Every employer, partner, and healthcare professional is logged in Service Cloud, giving League a single source of the truth across the whole company. Integration with its policy management platform has enabled even greater process automation and collaboration.

League has also been able to shine the spotlight on its sales operation. Norton and his team now have complete visibility of the sales funnel, ideal customer profile, and indicators that help predict whether a deal is likely to close. This has already contributed to a 10-fold revenue increase between September 2016 and March 2017.

“With Sales Cloud, we can keep track of the pipeline volume and velocity and win-loss metrics by cohort, segment, and sales rep, which helps us make smarter business decisions,” said Norton. “In the past, unlocking this level of intelligence would have involved a massive data crunching exercise.”

To make this new-found intelligence accessible to its people, League has created individual dashboards in Salesforce for sales reps and executives. Performance metrics are constantly reviewed and updated to help the company get even more predictive about its business and its customers.

With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, these metrics, as well as prospect details, can be viewed from remotely when staff are working away from the office. “With Salesforce, we’ve turned our reps into robocops,” said Norton. “They don’t always get much research time, so being able to access everything they need while travelling is a massive advantage.”

Since Fall 2016, League has tripled the size of its sales team. To provide reps with a constant flow of new leads, League using Pardot for scoring and nurturing. “We want to create different customer journeys for different segments,” explained Bettam. “Taking a more personalised and targeted approach helps us generate more leads.”

To boost its marketing efforts with members, League has recently added Marketing Cloud to its Salesforce stable. This will enable the League team to realize their aspirations for improving the wellbeing of its members through personalized communications. “We want to go beyond just providing insurance, we want to give people a holistic view of their health,” said Bettam. “With Salesforce, we can keep evolving our offering and growing our business.”