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Polar Windows boosts revenues by 60% with Salesforce

Security. Warmth. Light. Windows and doors help make a home, and customers need more than the most competitive pricing. With its 40-year heritage, Polar Windows aims to offer its customers the best possible experience, from selecting and purchasing the right products through to fitting and aftercare. And with Salesforce, its services are more streamlined than ever before.

“With a mature product offering, it’s the customer experience that sets us apart from our competition,” said Stephen Segal, President of Polar Windows. “Salesforce helps us improve sales and service while reducing costs. Since implementing Salesforce, our revenues have grown 60%, which puts us on target to realize our growth ambitions of expanding across Canada and into America.”

Inputting data takes people away from time with customers.

Polar Windows has been helping its customers keep safe and warm in Canada’s extreme climates since 1976. The company is committed to understanding its customers’ needs, and over the years has come up with patented new designs that reduce energy costs and increase the comfort and value of people’s homes.

When Salesforce veteran Segal joined the company in 2014, he quickly recognized the potential to increase the company’s profitability and growth by transforming information management and eliminating siloes. “The team spent a lot of time inputting data in various different systems and spreadsheets, which impacted productivity and the time they were able to spend actually talking to customers,” said Segal.

Less than three months after joining Polar Windows as its new president, Segal had the company up and running on Salesforce. “I’ve been involved in four Salesforce implementations in my career, and I’ve always said that the power of Salesforce isn’t just as a sales tool: it’s the potential to customize it for almost any business application,” he said.

I’ve always said that the power of Salesforce isn’t just as a sales tool: it’s the potential to customize it for almost any business application.”

Stephen Segal, President, Polar Windows

Automated workflows boost response times by 50%.

Salesforce now supports almost every department at Polar Windows, from sales and marketing to service and finance.

From the moment a prospect makes an enquiry with Polar Windows, either via the website or phone, their information is captured in Salesforce and filtered through to the right sales agent. Automated workflows like this help ensure customers receive information and quotes as quickly as possible, and that leads never fall through the gaps.

Tracking sales performance, including close ratios and pricing levels, combined with access to better customer information, is helping sales agents work smarter and faster. “We’ve cut response times to website queries from three days to 15 minutes, which has increased our conversion rate by 30% for web leads,” said Segal. “In general, we’re responding to customers 50% faster than before, which has helped improved overall win-loss ratios by 20%.”

Better information means 30% faster service.

This level of visibility extends from initial enquiry to aftercare, providing a 360-degree view of the customer, which is helping Polar Windows break down siloes and offer better service. Using Salesforce Inbox, every customer service email is automatically captured against the relevant record. “Every touchpoint is tracked in Salesforce, so if a customer has an issue with the product we’ve installed we have access to the right information to get the problem fixed quickly,” said Segal.

As a result, customers are enjoying a far better experience, with their issues resolved up to 30% faster than before Salesforce. “Now we’re using Service Cloud, the customer service team can work more efficiently, so it can support a growing number of customers without increasing headcount,” said Segal. “It also makes their jobs easier and more satisfying.”

Streamlined finance and marketing reduces costs and maximizes ROI.

Financial management processes have also been massively streamlined, which has enabled Segal to reduce departmental costs by 84%. “With Salesforce seamlessly integrated with our accounting systems, we have all the financial data we need at our fingertips, from project costs and receipts to billing and outstanding balances,” said Segal.

Polar Windows’ marketing team is using Salesforce to capture a similar level of data when it comes to its campaigns. “To ensure marketing is cost-effective, it’s crucial to rely on real data, and find out which campaigns and channels deliver the best ROI,” explained Segal. “Based on the results we’ve seen with Salesforce, we’re now focusing our efforts on more personalized communications, rather than the traditional blanket approach.”

A better customer experience helps Polar Windows blaze a trail.

Segal can view all this information from the palm of his hand using the Salesforce Mobile App, regardless of whether he’s in his office or on the road. And with sales, performance, service, and financial data all in one place, Segal and his team can make better decisions across the business. “We can allocate resources where they’re most needed, spot trends, and ensure we’re correctly positioned in the market place,” said Segal.

With Salesforce, Segal is creating a more profitable, efficient, and predictive business. Next on his agenda are building his own apps and taking advantage of Einstein for stronger business analytics. “Salesforce helps us stand out as a company that customers love to do business with,” said Segal. “We can blaze a trail in the industry with a more responsive, more personal, and better informed customer experience.”

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