Ritual transforms the lunch experience for more workers with Salesforce

Ben is about to pick up his lunch. Before he knows it, three colleagues have chipped in with their orders; he’s got a pocket jangling with change and can’t remember if the Caesar salad was with or without dressing. The Ritual app transforms this experience with social ordering: multiple people can place their orders for a take-out drink, snack, or lunch, which are then collected by a single person.

“We want to make it easier for co-workers to order and pay ahead for their coffees and lunches,” said Galina Kashkina, Expansion Manager at Ritual. “Social ordering supports local businesses and brings people together.” And the model is proving a great success: Ritual has tripled the size of their team in the last 12 months.

Expansion and innovation is made easy with Salesforce.

Social ordering is just one of the services that Ritual offers to its corporate clients and their employees. It is also blazing a trail in wellness programs and meal credits, which it offers across nine markets in North America.

“We need to stay nimble and respond to customer demand,” said Sarah O’Connor, Sales Operations Manager at Ritual. “With Salesforce, we can quickly and easily expand into new territories, launch new products, onboard new restaurants, and enrich the customer experience.”


With Trailhead, I’ve been able to learn how to keep evolving our processes and Salesforce capabilities. It’s empowered me to become a Trailblazer when it comes to innovation,”

Sarah O'Connor, Sales Operations Manager, Ritual

Central CRM platform boosts flexibility and visibility.

With increasing competition in the FoodTech industry, Ritual needs to make sure it approaches the right restaurants in the right areas. With no central visibility of the sales pipeline, different reps often approached the same restaurants – doubling up on effort and making Ritual look unprofessional.

“We needed a CRM platform that would enhance tracking and reporting, and provide us with the flexibility to customize and the scalability to support growth,” said O’Connor. “Salesforce delivered on all counts.”

Automated workflows ensure leads don’t slip through the gaps.

Ritual’s 50-strong team of sales reps, admins, and managers use Sales Cloud to capture every lead and track progress on every opportunity. “We’ve empowered the sales team with automated workflows and reminders, so leads don’t slip through the gaps,” said O’Connor.

Ritual has also made it easier for the sales team to prepare for meetings. “Customer information is now centralised in a single place, which means sales reps no longer have to collate information from five or six different places,” added O’Connor.

This information can also be accessed remotely via the Salesforce Mobile App. “To make sure they have an informed conversation, reps can check the latest information on a prospect or customer via the app. And if they have a query, they can use Chatter to quickly reach out to their colleagues back at HQ,” explained O’Connor.

Centralised information identifies the gaps in skills and sales.

Centralizing information in Sales Cloud has also helped transform reporting at Ritual. “We really struggled to monitor sales performance in the past – the pipeline was often massively inflated, which made forecasting difficult,” explained O’Connor. “As we only tracked our successes, we weren’t sure what deals we had missed out on and why.”

With visibility of sales KPIs, managers can identify gaps in staff development and if more wins are needed to keep up the restaurant density in specific areas. “We’re a hyper-local business, operating in city blocks. It’s vital that we have good coverage to offer customers a wide choice of restaurants for a better experience,” explained Kashkina. “With Salesforce, we can see where we need to focus our efforts.”

Online community enables faster menu updates.

Once a restaurant has decided to join Ritual, the complex onboarding process is also managed via Salesforce, including importing and proofing the menu, educating restaurant staff, advising on marketing, and installing digital signage.
With menus rapidly changing, Ritual works with a network of partners to ensure content remains current. It uses Community Cloud to assign menu updates to third parties and simplify communication. As a result, a high volume of changes can be processed really quickly.

Field Service Lightning helps reps be more efficient in the field.

If restaurant menus aren’t available in digital format, reps use Field Service Lightning to capture photos of menu boards. It also helps reps to optimize the time they spend on the road visiting restaurants.

Ritual has already achieved great results – but there’s still more efficiency gains to unlock. “We plan to use Service Cloud to manage service queries from restaurants so we can ensure they always get a consistent and rapid response,” said O’Connor.

Constant innovation and improvement support international growth.

Leveraging Einstein Analytics to enable smarter sales forecasting is also on O’Connor’s to- do list. “With Trailhead, I’ve been able to learn how to keep evolving our processes and Salesforce capabilities. It’s empowered me to become a Trailblazer when it comes to innovation,” she said.

This constant cycle of improvement will be key as Ritual grow its reach in North America and beyond. “Expansion into international markets is next on the agenda,” said Kashkina. “With Salesforce, we have the transparency we need to make the business more agile, more scalable, and more successful.”


With Trailhead, I’ve been able to learn how to keep evolving our processes and Salesforce capabilities. It’s empowered me to become a Trailblazer when it comes to innovation
Sarah O’Connor, Sales Operations Manager, Ritual

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