With Salesforce, we can ensure that every customer gets the same consistent service and the same great travel experience.”

Clive Jackson, CEO and Founder

Victor jets ahead with sharper customer and sales insights.

Berlin, Beijing, Baghdad. There are more than 40,000 destinations that can be visited with a private chartered jet — and Victor wants to ensure that its customers can reach them all, when and how they choose.

Clive’s idea proved a massive success. In the space of just four years, Victor has revolutionized the private jet charter market with transparent pricing, mobile bookings, and 24/7 customer service. Having achieved four-year average sales growth of 137%, Victor wants to scale its business without compromising the customer experience.

“Our customers include business leaders and entrepreneurs to A-list celebrities and ultra-high-net-worth individuals — all with high expectations,” said Jackson. “Our goal is to service them in the best possible way.”


With Salesforce, we can ensure that every customer gets the same consistent service and the same great travel experience.”

Clive Jackson, CEO and Founder

Automated rating for new customer prospects

Jackson and his 80-strong team recognize that to deliver outstanding service, you need outstanding customer knowledge. But disparate spreadsheets and a homegrown customer relationship management (CRM) system had led to some knowledge gaps. “We need a 360-degree view of our customers,” said Tarek Alexander, Head of CRM at Victor. “With Salesforce, we don’t just get that view, we also get a wealth of insightful reports, real-time analytics, and personalized dashboards.”

Victor’s Salesforce journey started with Service Cloud in 2015. “It was an easy decision: no developers, no servers, no maintenance, and a host of free apps,” said Alexander. “As an enterprise-strength system, it also sends a clear message to our investors.”

Service Cloud is primarily used by Victor’s product and commercial teams to track interactions not only with customers but also new customer prospects. “When someone registers on our website or app, Salesforce automatically assigns them a rating based on the keywords used,” said Toby Edwards, Victor’s Sales Director.

This rating, combined with a unique algorithm powered by Service Cloud, ensures that Edwards’ team knows who needs the most immediate support, and therefore whom to call next. Prior to deploying Salesforce, this process would have involved multiple spreadsheets and multiple phone calls. “With Salesforce, we can make better use of our resources and respond highly effectively, at the right moments, to charter enquiries,” he said.

In such a competitive market, speed is essential for winning new business: If a customer receives a quote within 30 minutes of logging a request, the chance of Victor securing a booking is significantly higher than if one arrives later than 30 minutes.

“Customer expectations in the luxury market are particularly high; delivering an exceptional experience is therefore essential for growing our business,” said Edwards. “We always knew it was important to react quickly to customer requests; with Salesforce; we can now prove it and continually demonstrate it. A high-tech, high-touch approach is at the very heart of our business.”

Personalized business analytics

This is just one example of the many business insights that Victor’s management team can now access. “We can pull stacks and stacks of data through Salesforce; the trick is knowing how best to use it to enhance Victor’s offering,” said Alexander.

To ensure the company truly benefits from these insights, Victor has created personalized dashboards for all of its customer service team members. “We’re dashboard obsessed,” said Edwards. “Everyone has several dashboards, which track a range of KPIs relevant to their job role such as average time to quote and customer feedback.”

Victor’s management team uses the Salesforce1 Mobile App to access their dashboards while on the move, which gives them a real-time view of how the business is delivering for customers. “We are constantly collecting data on our performance,” said Alexander. “For example, we capture customer feedback from every flight, which means we can quickly react to any negative comments and continually enhance the Victor service.”

The latest Salesforce dashboard to be introduced shows account managers what their customers are viewing on the Victor website or app. “It strengthens Victor’s charter marketplace significantly, as we can have more informed and personalized conversations with our customers,” adds Edwards.

Unique customer journeys

Victor captures the details of every flight search made by customers on its app and website. “We want to take a more one-to-one approach to marketing and build personalized customer journeys,” said Dan Northover, CMO. “For example, if a customer flew to Paris in the October of the previous year, we could contact them again the following year to see if they want to make a repeat trip.”

Victor’s marketing team is already using Marketing Cloud to send personalized emails and newsletters to thousands of customers and new customer prospects. “With Marketing Cloud, we can guide customers through their journey more easily and quickly, and more effectively build a long-term relationship with them,” said Northover.

To ensure it doesn’t over-target customers, the marketing team has established a number of safeguards within Marketing Cloud. It has also created a series of automated emails that kick in during peaks in demand. “We normally conduct a courtesy call with every new customer that signs up on the website or app. If for some reason the team is too busy, we can now fill the gap with personalized emails,” explains Northover.

Victor’s account managers already handle nearly five times as many customers as a traditional private jet charter broker. And they could soon be handling even more, thanks to a new department that was created following the deployment of

The Strategic Research team imports around 600 new customer leads from each month, and then uses Marketing Cloud to send targeted and personalized content based on the lead’s job title and industry. Within the first six months of using, a number of leads converted into new Victor fliers. “Salesforce has been a game changer,” said Edwards. “It has helped drive Victor’s rapid growth, and brilliantly complements the company’s unique high-tech, high-touch focus.”

Victor isn’t just growing its own business; it’s growing the wider private jet charter market: 15% of all new bookings during 2016 were from first-time private fliers. “We are making traveling by a chartered private jet accessible to more people than ever before,” said Jackson. “With Salesforce, we can ensure that every customer gets the same consistent service and the same great travel experience.”


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