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Here’s Why Our Customers Chose Salesforce

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There’s a reason why Salesforce is the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem.

Built 100% in the cloud, Salesforce delivers CRM solutions that connect customers, employees, partners, and even products without the headaches that come with traditional software and hardware. This means you can focus exclusively on your core business to grow and compete like never before.

Here’s just a quick glance at what customers have to say about using Salesforce.

Salesforce reviews from happy customers

“To date we’ve helped 80,000 Canadians find jobs and with Salesforce we’re closer than ever to reaching our goal of 100,000 placements by the end of 2015.”
— Cameron Laker, CEO & Co-founder, Mindfield

“With everything in a central hub that is easily accessible anytime, on any device, our team can remain focused on how we can take our business to the next level.”
— David Ciccarelli, CEO, Voices.com

“Salesforce helps us make the world more open and connected.”
— Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook

“Salesforce has opened the door to higher customer satisfaction and a greater number of customer subscriptions.”
— Craig Mason, Vice President Sales & Experience, TELUS

Salesforce reviews from happy customers

“Salesforce helps us cater to these individual needs right from the trail, where each walker has access to information that helps us create an unparalleled experience for our customers. The result is that we are better connected with our customers and our business continues to grow at exponential rates.”
— James Woller, Operating Partner, Release the Hounds

“It’s not just about staying a step ahead of competitors. Salesforce is helping us transform our business so we can do more for our customer.”
— Todd Dean, Vice President, Cross-Channel and eCommerce, ALDO

And it’s just not reviews from our customers, but Salesforce products are consistently honored among the elite offerings in our industry. Specifically, our CRM platform continues to rate highly and receive praise for our enterprise, mid-market, and small business editions.

Customers and business leaders alike are happy to share how Salesforce has benefited their companies. They’re only a small percentage of the thousands who use Salesforce every day.

If you want to learn more, it’s as easy as watching our free demo.

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* In 2014, Salesforce received the highest score in the history of the Watchlist.

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