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"We're connecting customers to GE Capital—and to each other—quickly, efficiently, and socially."

-Sigal Zarmi
CIO, Americas

GE Capital's social community builds stronger client relationships

"We're not just bankers. We're builders." GE Capital is proud of its rich heritage of building and supporting growth. Today, the company is embracing new social technologies to further its mission to provide financing and expertise to help its customer's capital go farther.

As GE Capital transforms into a socially connected enterprise, the company is experiencing new kinds of growth. Like stronger and deeper connections to its customers, and greater employee engagement and collaboration.

In the new, more social world of business, GE Capital quickly realized the importance of building connections with its customer community. "The power of social in the B2B space is that you can really connect with your customers and bring them value in ways that everyday interactions don't typically allow," says Sigal Zarmi, CIO of GE Capital, Americas.

Tapping into community expertise

With its eye on an upcoming client event, GE Capital began work on a new collaborative community called Access GE. Building on the App Cloud and using an agile development methodology, the company was able to launch the community within five weeks, in time for the National Middle Market Summit hosted by GE Capital's CEO.

Access GE is a thriving community where mid-market CEOs and CFOs tap into the expertise of their peers and of GE Capital employees. Executives can connect to peers with similar needs or shared experiences using Chatter, and they can participate in discussions on topics of mutual interest. The dynamic, social conversations happening on Access GE accelerate the time it takes for clients to get the answers or information they're seeking.

"We're connecting customers to GE Capital—and to each other—quickly, efficiently, and socially, building deeper relationships with important clients," explains Zarmi. "That's the power of the social network."

The power of social technologies is boosting collaboration among the company's employees as well. The commercial sales team of 3,100+ employees is connecting on Chatter to share sales strategies, find internal experts, and uncover cross-sell opportunities.

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