Huntington National Bank

"Salesforce gives us a unified view of our customers."

–Jim Baron
Executive Vice President, Director – Retail Sales and Service

Huntington increases sales with Salesforce

What if a bank was a like a close friend, with advice and suggestions you could trust? Huntington, an Ohio-based regional bank with $56 billion in assets, wants to have that kind of close relationship with its customers. That goal that is driving Huntington to become a customer company—to recognize all of its customers’ needs, offer relevant ideas and products, and provide industry-leading service to its commercial, small business, and consumer customers.

Huntington’s first step was to bring together customer data for 16 business segments. Previously, that information was fragmented in multiple CRM systems, resulting in inconsistent processes and customer experiences, as well as additional licensing, training, and maintenance costs. So the bank decided to move to Salesforce for safe, secure cloud applications and nimble compliance with constantly changing government regulations.

Huntington’s data is now consolidated on a single platform, and 8,000+ employees from branch tellers to wealth managers can see a unified customer view. “Our colleagues’ view of the customer relationship is better than it ever has been. Having this information available to use in tandem with the sales tools that we’ve built in has helped us not only recognize opportunities to help our customers immediately, but also to better plan their life journey,” says Baron. Huntington has customized and integrated Salesforce to make it easier to refer a customer between divisions to cross-sell services, such as automobile financing and other personal loans, insurance, or mortgages, and engaged the campaigns functionality to more closely manage these efforts.

Sales are also helped by, which delivers information to 300 business and commercial bankers right in Salesforce to help them find new customers as well as enrich their existing customer records. Highly targeted business data also helps the bank fuel email and direct mail marketing campaigns.

Results you can bank on

Employee adoption of Salesforce has been high, bringing together 16 separate banking segments, significantly reducing IT costs and time to deliver new functionality. Huntington has seen considerable improvements in cross-selling, customer interactions, and acquisition. “Salesforce helps us deepen our customer relationships while giving us a flexible and adaptive environment that can be easily tuned,” says Baron.

Huntington National Bank
Huntington National Bank
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