"To date we’ve helped 80,000 Canadians find jobs and with Salesforce we’re closer than ever to reaching our goal of 100,000 placements by the end of 2015."

—Cameron Laker
CEO & Co-founder

You’re hired! Salesforce.com helps recruiting firm employ thousands of Canadians each year

Vancouver-based recruitment services firm, Mindfield, is changing the way businesses hire hourly employees by using a data driven hiring strategy to find the perfect match for employers and job seekers. With some companies bringing on up to 5,000 new hourly employees each year, Co-founders Cameron Laker and Jade Bourelle established Mindfield to create powerful hourly workforces for their customers. Mindfield helps customers make better hiring decisions through the use of data analysis instead of relying on human instinct.

With 50 per cent year-over-year growth, Mindfield quickly became busy helping hourly employers across North America make smarter hires in the retail, hotel, grocery, food services, warehouse and automotive industries. This fast growth left their team feeling overwhelmed with hundreds of daily emails about new candidates and job openings that needed to be filled fast. Looking for a better way to connect 5,000 Hiring Managers across Canada and increase employee productivity, Mindfield turned to Salesforce.

Using Salesforce1 to create a hiring portal that stores candidate data, such as employment history, Mindfield employees have the ability to capture knowledge instantly in a single location, from any device. With remote access to candidate data that is now stored and organized in one place, employee productivity has increased, allowing them to process and screen candidates more efficiently and deliver quality candidates to clients faster.

“Now that hiring managers can use their smartphones to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, we are seeing big improvements in our customer relationships and ability to exceed expectations” said Cameron Laker, Co-founder, Mindfield. “To date we’ve helped 80,000 Canadians find jobs and with Salesforce we’re closer than ever to reaching our goal of 100,000 placements by the end of 2015.”

Mindfield employees also internally utilize Salesforce Chatter. This platform allows their employees to gain real-time visibility into company updates, download documents and internal communications, share and promote ideas, as well as give recognition and feedback from current clients. Chatter allows Mindfield employees to connect from anywhere at anytime. The platform has increased employee engagement and reduced the number of internal emails being sent.

With plans to expand their virtual workforce and recruit talent throughout North America, Mindfield is further developing their platform to be able to better connect with hourly employers and job seekers. As Mindfield continues to grow, their recruitment platform has positioned them well for further expansion and will help them meet their goal of helping 100,000 job seekers find employment by the end of this year.