MissionPoint Health Partners

"We manage our entire provider network completely through Salesforce."

—Michael Gardner
VP, Finance and Operations

Salesforce is behind the rapid growth of a leading affordable-care organization

Within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a provision to create Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), a new structure that tried to align the three main groups within the health care system: physicians, hospitals, and insurers. As one of the first dedicated ACOs, MissionPoint Health Partners coordinates services like chronic disease management, health coaching, health navigation, home visits and preventative health services to provide affordable and accessible care.

With over 125 employees and a network that includes 1,800 physicians – serving more than 90,000 members -- MissionPoint Health Partners, part of the the largest non-profit system in the nation, Ascension Health, has proven it can connect and manage accounts effectively and efficiently.

With its goal of limiting the number of in-house tech solutions as well as controlling costs, teaming with Salesforce made all the sense in the world. “An architecture for operations was built, and soon after our entire organization was tapped in,” says Michael Gardner, VP, Finance and Operations. “We manage our provider network completely through Salesforce. In fact, the Salesforce Platform became the backbone of our infrastructure. We now have Salesforce in the provider network department and use it to create leads and opportunities in business development.”

“Remaining profitable is vital,” adds Gardner. “The fact that Salesforce helps connect hospitals, payers, and physician provider groups in what can typically be quite disjointed is a really big deal. And of course the patient wins as well. We can position ourselves as an enabler of the ACO model which is valuable.”

Organization-wide connectivity is vital in daily operations

MissionPoint Health Partners taps into Salesforce’s many tools to network in real time and connect inside the organization and with health partners no matter where they are.

“We use Salesforce Chatter and Community Cloud extensively,” adds Gardner. “We have groups set up based on departments. Of course they can also be company-wide or just social and fun. And our Health Partners use Community Cloud to post if they’re trying to solve a problem for a member.” Community Cloud is in fact, being used for MissionPoint’s entire member portal. It aids with patient activation and allows members to track the status of their explanation of benefits. This is only the beginning of the overarching goal of members enjoying ownership of their own healthcare. In six new markets, including Jacksonville and Indianapolis, rapid growth is taking on a whole new meaning. “Looking ahead, our vision is to integrate Salesforce data, campaigns, and surveys with claims data to impact the health of people in all our markets,” concludes Gardner. Along with Salesforce, MissionPoint Health Partners is managing provider networks, member services, and communications — and blazing new trails every day.

MissionPoint Health Partners
MissionPoint Health Partners