"With Salesforce, we’re able to embrace Commercial Excellence across the organization."

-David Johnson
Director, Commercial Information & Technology

MeadWestvaco gets big results with customized apps built on the App Cloud

People recognize the products they use every day by their packaging. Everything from food and beverages to personal care products, health and beauty aids, and items for home and garden are delivered in a variety of boxes, bags, jars, bottles, and cases. MeadWestvaco is a leading global packaging solutions company serving the world’s premier consumer products. It’s critical that the company’s 16,000+ employees can communicate in real time, no matter where they are. They need to be able to track sales, shipments, competitor activities, and connect to customers. With Salesforce, users can hop on any mobile device anytime a notable highlight is encountered, and enter it quickly and easily — nothing missed, nothing forgotten.

And with the Salesforce1 Mobile App, highlights can be streamed without worrying about deadlines. In fact, weekly highlights process in hours, as opposed to the seven days it took prior to the app’s use, and MWV has seen an increase in adoption. “Many of our senior leaders have noticed that the quality of the highlights is much improved, and we attribute that to Salesforce,” says David Johnson, Director, Commercial Information & Technology.

Customized apps built on Salesforce give each employee the opportunity to understand, use, and share data specific to their needs as it happens. “We have a citizen developed app here so individuals can create their own tools to handle business processes such as price management for their own businesses,” adds Johnson.

Commercial Excellence builds multi-level relationships with top customers

Commercial Excellence, one of MWV's three pillars for success, is a rich, evolving process, firmly rooted in one basic philosophy — to better serve top customers by better understanding their strategies as well as their current and future needs. With Salesforce, MWV can now expand the scope of those needs, track all the information necessary to improve day-to-day operations, and better support company resources around the globe. This expedites collaboration, information sharing, and planning.

Innovative solutions are accomplished together — not just by Salesforce and MWV — but with the customer too.