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" helps us give every customer the royal treatment."

—Alexis Chapman
Customer Operations

One Kings Lane uses to offer luxury service

When you’re selling luxury goods, exceptional service needs to be part of the package. That’s why One Kings Lane, an online marketplace with a spectacular collection of top-brand, designer, and vintage items, uses to personalize every interaction with its 10 million members.

One Kings Lane switched from a shared Gmail account to to manage their customer service when they had just a handful of agents and wanted to make sure their service was as special as the 2,000+ new items curated on their website each day. “We don’t measure our team on whether they can close a case at first contact,” says Alexis Chapman, Director, Customer Operations. “We encourage our agents to talk to customers as long and as often as it takes to make them happy.” is so easy to use that new agents can be up and running in just half an hour. With the app’s filters, macros, and templates, agents can work more efficiently and get customers the information they need faster than ever. Agents are empowered to use their own words and with’s easy customization, they can personalize every response. Reminders ensure that even on the busiest days, no inquiries fall through the cracks.

“ was a huge cost savings for us and helped maximize the effectiveness of our customer service team,” adds Chapman.

Service that’s always in style

With, One Kings Lane has maintained outstanding service and high customer satisfaction rates through the company’s explosive growth. And with everyone has greater visibility to customer needs so they can continually improve their product and processes and continue to offer an exceptional shopping experience.

Chapman continues, “ helps us give every customer an experience that’s as special as the items we sell.”

One Kings Lane
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