"With Salesforce we’ve redefined the role of the realtor."

—Rokham Fard, CMO

Canada’s largest online real estate brokerage generates more leads, improves realtor performance and delivers five-star customer service with Salesforce

An eight-minute response to inquiries. Bonuses based on customer satisfaction. Realtors whose only role is to service their customers. TheRedPin is shaking up the real estate industry in Canada, and Salesforce is helping it every step of the way.

“We’ve turned the real estate business model on its head, and put the client at the heart,” says Rokham Fard, Co-founder and CMO of TheRedPin. “Salesforce CRM helps us build long-term relationships with our customers, deal with thousands of leads within short timeframes and ensure our staff are rewarded when they deliver great service.”

By freeing up realtors to focus on doing what they do best – servicing customers – TheRedPin has seen staff satisfaction and productivity soar. “We have agents who have 20 years’ experience in the field and say they’ve never been happier. They can achieve goals with us that they could never have dreamed of under the traditional model.”

As a result, TheRedPin’s realtors are ranked highly in the country for performance and transact an average of 18 sales a year, compared to an average of 8.8.

Home is where the heart is

TheRedPin was launched by four friends in 2010 with an ambitious goal. “Real estate was one of the few sectors that was relatively unchanged by technology,” says Fard, “We wanted to embrace digital technologies to deliver a different kind of service for customers looking to buy or sell a homes.”

Bringing people together to create a collaborative, rather than competitive workplace was also important to the founders’ plans. “Real estate can be very fragmented with every broker for themselves,” explains Fard. “Our vision was to create a centralized model, with an enterprise-standard sales team supported by experts that are responsible for technology, marketing and finance.”

The company implemented Salesforce CRM in May 2013 to help it achieve both these goals. The solution is critical to its realtors’ ability to deliver exceptional customer service, as Fard explains: “With Sales Cloud every realtor can access comprehensive records on their phone, from client histories to property floor plans and pricing schemes.”

The teams that support them also rely on Salesforce solutions. Customer service agents in the call centre, known as ‘angels’, use Service Cloud to respond to calls, SMS messages and emails all from a single screen. Service Cloud’s Live Agent function enables them to see which realtors are currently available, and pass hot leads directly to an appropriate contact.

The outcome of every interaction is logged for another ‘angel’ to pick up when the customer next calls. “Real estate is not about making an impulse buy,” confirms Fard. “It can take six months, so it’s important to build up that customer relationship and level of trust.”

At the end of every transaction, customers complete an online survey in Sales Cloud on which agents’ bonuses are based.

A window into lead generation

TheRedPin is not only top of the rankings for performance. It has processed more than 100,000 leads in the last 12 months. The Service Cloud dashboard is integrated with the company’s marketing tool to provide total visibility of leads from inception to sale.

“We’re more than data-driven – we’re data obsessed!” says Fard. “For example, we’ve created a conversion calculator in App Cloud so we know the exact cost and likelihood of success for every lead. This means we can invest in the most effective sources.”

For a company that’s only five years old, TheRedPin’s metrics are impressive, but the innovation engine is constantly running.

“There is much more we want to do with Salesforce and we’re exploring new options all the time,” reveals Fard. “We’re about to launch a new open house service based on SMS that will automatically notify customers of similar properties as soon as they register. Next we’re interested in taking greater advantage of the Internet-of-Things to take personalized services to a whole new level.”

By uniting people and information under one roof, Salesforce has helped TheRedPin bring consistency and excellence to buyers and sellers on the property market, and that makes for many more happy homes across the country.

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