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"Social technology helps us collaborate across the organization."

— Thomas Frossell
President, Global Head of Service

Delivering real-world information, in real time

People today have very high expectations for timeliness. We all want—and expect—to find the information we’re looking for instantly. For many businesspeople, the best source is Thomson Reuters, a $13+ billion enterprise that provides intelligent information to the world’s businesses and professionals. “If we’re not there in real time with instantaneous information, it'll be one of our competitors,” says Thomas Frossell, President, Global Head of Service

An increasingly competitive marketplace—and the fact that the world’s financial institutions have been undergoing a major transformation since 2008—is driving Thomson Reuters to completely change the way it does business in order to continue winning. “We were sitting in a position where our old, proprietary, on-premise environment was not going to keep pace,” says Frossell. “What we really needed was the ability to connect with our clients at all times, anywhere they might be. But our salespeople were tied to their desks.”

With Salesforce, Thomson Reuters now stays in touch with its clients 24/7. “The biggest thing Salesforce enables is ubiquitous access to information on multiple different platforms, whether you have a BlackBerry, an iPad, or an iPhone; you're in your office at your personal computer; or you’re on a MacBook or a Dell laptop.”

When customers need more information about Thomson Reuters products and services, or need help with their applications, they want answers fast. Adding the real-time collaboration capability across Sales and Service teams enables Thomson Reuters to work smarter and faster. In 2014 Service Cloud was rolled out to 4500 end users across 100+ locations in the financial business. “With all customer facing employees connected via Salesforce applications we can broaden visibility to customer feedback, capitalize on a single platform for innovation, and extend collaboration with a 360 view of the customer,” adds Frossell.

On the social path

Where does the company go from here? “I think the next opportunity for us is how we use Salesforce to leverage social media and networking to bring us more business,” says Frossell. “How do we acquire more customers and serve them better? How do we cross-sell customers? It feels like we are just getting started with social. There is a lot of potential there.”

Thomson Reuters is helping clients leap frog competitors and navigate a complete shift in the financial marketplace. And they’re winning new business by keeping one step ahead of a changing world with Salesforce. 

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