"Salesforce is awesome. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, I can see approvals, workflow, funding, even who is applying for loans on a minute by minute basis."

—Dave Girouard
Founder and CEO

Upstart uses Salesforce to more efficiently navigate the lending industry

Understanding potential customers in the lending industry is multi-layered, Upstart is a new company with a bold vision. They’re a lending company doing something that truly sets them apart from more traditional lenders. By looking at each individual with the most detailed, comprehensive data available, the total profile emerges. “As a lending platform, our business works primarily with millennials who don’t have lots of credit or work history, but lots of other signals about their credit worthiness,” says Dave Girouard, Founder and CEO. “It’s vital to know a person’s employability by looking at where they went to college and how they performed academically. We knew at launch if we were going to do it right, we needed Salesforce baked in.”

Salesforce makes coordinating the data a snap. Now agents don’t have to sort through disparate systems to get the information they need — it’s all in one place.

“When our agents contact an applicant, everything we need — all the pertinent information — is integrated nicely into Salesforce, which makes us far more efficient than if we were trying to figure things out with phone calls,” adds Girouard.

Salesforce let’s everyone on the team keep their fingers on the pulse of company transactions and latest developments on a minute-by-minute basis. And with the Salesforce1 Mobile App, it can be done from anywhere on any device.

Ready for today and the future

Looking forward, global expansion, use by many more departments, and use of multiple Salesforce products will help shape Upstart as they grow. What’s already been built assures growth for tomorrow. “There are no limits to the sort of products we could offer,” concludes Girouard. “We’re identifying high quality prime borrowers before anyone else recognizes them. Salesforce will help us meet their needs.”

Simply put, teamed with Salesforce, Upstart will continue to push the boundaries.