"With everything in a central hub that is easily accessible anytime, on any device, our team can remain focused on how we can take our business to the next level."

—David Ciccarelli

Voices.com embraces technology to keep business growth on a high note

The voice over industry is rapidly growing as the popularity of mobile gaming apps creates new opportunities for voice actors to showcase their skills. Voices.com, the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent, is benefitting from this expansion first-hand.

As a fast growing start-up, CEO, David Ciccarelli, saw the potential to drive business growth through long-term voice over projects with large enterprises rather than working with small businesses on a short-term basis. This focus on high value clients increased their customer base and left Voices.com in need of a more efficient way to manage and organize quotes, contracts, and documents for multiple clients without losing them in file folders or buried emails. They also needed a more streamlined method to serve prospective customers looking for voice over talent, while increasing sales and boosting productivity for their growing workforce. This is where they turned to Salesforce.

Voices.com implemented Sales Cloud to provide employees with real time visibility into sales and a customer database to store and organize audio projects and contracts all in one place and from their mobile devices. This solution allowed employees to spend less time searching for paper documents in file folders and put client information right at their fingertips, helping the company and its top offering grow at 350 per cent year-over-year.

“Before Salesforce, information was scattered, which made it hard for the team to stay informed and in unison across the board,” said David Ciccarelli, CEO, Voices.com. “With everything in a central hub that is easily accessible anytime, on any device, our team can remain focused on how we can take our business to the next level.”

An influx of new hires challenged Voices.com to maintain elements of their family style corporate culture, including open communication and cross-departmental collaboration. The company needed to connect employees in new ways to keep their corporate culture strong and their staff motivated. Using Chatter to give employees a platform to collaborate, Voices.com was able to cut down company-wide internal email by 100 per cent. Now with every employee in the company using Salesforce, staff can review historical items, get up to speed on the issues of the day, and gain insights on the projects of tomorrow.

Salesforce also helped Voices.com capture customer interactions across every channel using Service Cloud. Every telephone call, live chat, email, and website inquiry is automatically logged as a case and routed to the appropriate agent with the right expertise, which has dramatically decreased the time it takes to get customers what they need. Having a better understanding of their customer’s needs and interests has resulted in Voices.com achieving a record level average of 93.7 per cent in customer satisfaction.

Salesforce has helped Voices.com succeed with an innovative business model as they lead the future of their industry, all while keeping their vibrant company culture alive. This has positioned their business, employees, and customers for even greater success as they continue to achieve amazing results from the talent of ordinary people.