December 10th 2020
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


Calling All Canadian Trailblazers:
Join Canada's visionary speakers for a virtual half day experience that will show you how to reignite growth and drive business resilience, with technology.


Michele Romanow

CBC Dragon and Co-founder, Clearbanc

Nick Nurse

Head Coach, Toronto Raptors and NBA 2020 Coach of the Year 

Steve Puchala

SVP Growth & Restaurant Success, SkipTheDishes

Tiffani Bova

Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce

Oh Canada, let’s blaze new trails on the path to growth.


77% of customers say this year’s crisis should be a catalyst for business improvement.

Staying agile, connected, and innovative has never been more important. As Canadian businesses everywhere innovate through disruption, we have the opportunity to re-engage customers, re-skill the workforce, and re-invent operations to get on the path to growth.

Join us for this live half day event, with keynotes from influential thought leaders and practical breakout sessions featuring Canadian Trailblazers, to get inspired and prepared to adapt and thrive through change. 

You’ll leave this event with the ability to accelerate your digital strategy and empower your workforce to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. What are you waiting for?

Get ready for a day of innovation and inspiration.

The Path to Growth Summit is designed to help you reimagine your business. We’ve curated insightful speakers and sessions to bring the best of Canadian innovation to you, anywhere.

Luminary Keynotes

Be inspired with a line-up of keynotes from Canadian thought leaders including Michele Romanow and Nick Nurse.

Industry Sessions

Content relevant to your industry to uncover best practices, the latest trends, and technology to power your business on the Path to Growth.

Trailblazer Spotlights

What is the best way to learn? From other Trailblazers. Sessions will feature Canadian Trailblazers leading their business digital strategies in times of change. 


How to Embrace Change and Spot Opportunities in the Midst of Disruption

In a year where change and disruption have been a constant, we’ve seen some truly remarkable innovation, resilience, and growth from Canadian businesses.

Join us for the Path to Growth Summit keynote and hear from some of those visionary leaders including; Michele Romanow, Dragon and co-founder of Clearbanc, Steve Puchala, SVP Growth & Restaurant Success at SkipTheDishes, and Tiffani Bova, Global Growth and Customer Evangelist at Salesforce. Together, they’ll share stories that will inspire you to find opportunity in times of uncertainty, and innovate through disruption on your path to growth.


Michele Romanow, CBC Dragon and Co-Founder of Clearbanc
Tiffani Bova​, Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce
Steve Puchala, VP of Restaurants, SkipTheDishes
Tara Tokatly​, VP Solution Engineering, Salesforce
Margaret Stuart​, Canada Country Manager, Salesforce

A well-deserve break to recharge before a day of learning and hearing from our customers and industry experts.

Trail - Welcome to the Digital Imperative: Optimize your Business for Growth

On the path to growth, many companies are partnering with Salesforce to unite teams and departments around the customer, transform how they work, and redefine the way they serve and communicate with customers and communities. Join this session to learn from our experts how Salesforce can help you meet today’s digital imperative to get your company on the path to growth for the next normal. This session will feature Canadian Trailblazer, John Commachio, CIO & Senior Vice President, Teknion who will share their story on how they've navigated through change for growth.


John Commachio, CIO & Senior Vice President, Teknion
Kayleigh Roberts​, Senior Manager Solution Engineering, Salesforce
Pamela Lauw​, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Retail - Shopping at the Edge: Meeting Consumers Anywhere

The way people shop is rapidly transforming. Today's consumers are engaging with brands across an increasing number of properties outside their physical and virtual four walls. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of these emerging and disruptive channels, including voice, social media, messaging platforms, streaming video, marketplaces, and even in connected products. Join Salesforce executive, Rob Garf, to discuss how retailers are pushing their brand to wherever shoppers go next -- with agility and personalization.


Rob Garf​ , VP of Industry Strategy and Insights, Salesforce

Manufacturing - The Future of Canadian Manufacturing: Optimizing your Operations for 2021

Over the past 20 years, Manufacturing in Canada has seen tremendous growth in both Sales and GDP. Join this session where Nigel Wallis, VP of IoT and Industries at IDC will highlight data and insights demonstrating that this growth is primarily due to increased productivity powered by the implementation and optimization of digital technologies. You will also hear from Canadian Trailblazer, Premier Tech who will share insights on how they were able to minimize the disruption of COVID-19 to their business, and how they have continued to innovate, push the boundaries and deliver a great customer experience through the pandemic.


Phillippe Hammond, Senior Director Digital Strategy, PremierTech
Nigel Wallis, VP of IoT & Industries, IDC
Michael Janney​, Senior Director, Industry GTM, Salesforce

High Tech - The Future Is Here Five Years Early: Pandemic Acceleration, Building on Digital Foundations, and Readying for Return to Chaotic "Normal"

The COVID-19 pandemic has rescaled our timelines of transformation, requiring delivery of organizations' two-year visions in only two quarters or even two months. In the process, digital enablers developed during the past two decades have seen "tipover" adoption that is both multi-national and multi-generational; at the same time, though, "lessons learned" in past disruptive epochs have not been enough to guide us through what's now or into what's next. Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, shares perspectives and elicits customers' insights about what truly is "different this time.


Vinay Nair, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Kira Systems
Peter Coffee​, VP Strategic Research, Salesforce

Following our Industry Sessions and Trailblazer Spotlights, you can hop into an "Ask Me Anything" session to connect with Salesforce experts and get your top questions answered.

What's it like to lead through disruption? Nick Nurse has built his reputation around leading teams through uncertainty and adversity to stay focused and win. In this conversation with Shachin Ghelani, AVP of Salesforce, you'll hear leadership tips from Toronto Raptor's Head Coach & NBA Coach of the Year, Nick Nurse, who will share his secrets for winning on and off the court. From basketball to the boardroom, we'll explore Nurse’s unconventional career spanning 15 teams in 5 countries, his biggest leadership challenges over the years, and the winning mindset that led him and his team to their 2019 NBA championship.


Nick Nurse, 2020 NBA Coach of the Year and Raptors Head Coach
Shachin Ghelani​, AVP Sales, Salesforce

Ready to re-imagine your path to growth?


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