How Mosie Reframed Artificial Insemination and Brought Fertility Home

Health is shifting from institutions to individuals. This shift will reframe how we all think about health care'whether you are a patient or provider of services. At gravitytank, my colleagues and I keep an eye out for inspiring examples that provide insight into how this shift is happening.; Mosie is a great example: a conception syringe designed specifically for artificial insemination at home. Compared to expensive and invasive treatments, Mosie makes conception a more affordable and smoother experience for would-be parents.; Mosie's (dare I say cute?) patent-pending conception syringe launched on their website in December. We caught up with Mosie co-founder Marc Brown to ask him what principles drove the conception, design and launch of Mosie. Here's what he shared with us.

Don't assume the experts have thought of everything

After years of attempting, numerous medical tests showed there didn't seem to be anything wrong with Marc and wife/co-founder Maureen's ability to conceive. They then became candidates for intrauterine insemination (IUI), an invasive medical procedure using a catheter to to place semen into the uterus. While this procedure was a viable option, they wondered about alternatives'both for themselves in the future, and for others trying to conceive for the first time. They then began to explore alternatives.

To their surprise, Marc and Maureen found that none of the consumer-available options for at-home conception were comfortable or functional. They are often. quite literally, repurposed syringes and turkey basters. The medical profession had yet to design an appropriate at-home insemination syringe. Existing offerings are simply not designed for the female body.

Maureen then made a sketch'something about the same size as a tampon, a comfortable diameter and no harsh edges. She specified the measurements she thought would make it both effective and comfortable. This sketch, with collaboration from the Brown's fertility doctor, became the basis for their patent-pending design. Addressing a known, and poorly addressed medical need, Maureen's first-person approach to developing Mosie allowed for the creation of a first-of-its-kind product embraced by both users and clinicians.

Make it personal and meaningful, not medical

While IUI is a medical procedure, home insemination doesn't have to be. When Marc and Maureen set out to create the Mosie Conception Kit they knew the product design, branding and positioning had to appeal to consumers on an emotional, not just functional level.

Early feedback and sales of the Mosie conception syringe support this lifestyle-brand positioning. As expected, most interest to date comes from couples and individuals trying to conceive. However, they've seen an unexpected pattern'interest from parents who have conceived the old fashioned way but are still curious to try Mosie Baby.

Marc believes that making new health capabilities accessible and desirable in the home encourages new kinds of experimentation and unexpected applications.

Make the doctor part of the solution

Mosie did not set themselves in opposition to the medical profession, despite the lack of a patient-centered solution. By focusing on the experience of in-home fertility, doctors can still play an important role for individuals or a couple. Doctors are supportive of Mosie's solution because they are able to offer an alternative to patients can't afford, don't want to pursue or simply do not need IUI.

With time and access for patients becoming a real issue for many clinics, providers are being pressured to do more and 'work at the top of their license''performing the highest value work within their specialty. Mosie's solution enables a shift from a conventional medical procedure to something that can be done at home. This relieves the patient load for providers while still supporting the deeply meaningful goals of their patients. And because the in-home experience lacks the stress and exposure of a visit to the clinic, medical outcomes are potentially improved.

A couple months in, Marc and Maureen are thrilled with the initial reception Mosie has received. They know they are changing people's lives and helping accelerate the shift of medical care to the home.