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Salesforce makes it easy to fully customize your CRM solution.

Everyone has different wants and needs, and customers are no different. As such, customers like to know that the experiences they’re having are personalized for them, individually. In fact, 86% of consumers admit that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions, and 25% of consumers claim that personalization plays a significant role. But customers aren’t the only ones who like customization.

Beyond just personalized emails and purchase-history-specific offers, B2B and B2C businesses are also interested in tools and services that are more than just cookie-cutter platforms designed for mass production; they want something that fits their own unique processes, and does so in a way that is intuitive and effective.

Salesforce Advantages:

Salesforce does just that by providing a platform that is specifically designed for configuration and customization. So, in addition to being able to customize Salesforce standard programs to meet individual needs, organizations can also easily develop, run, and optimize their own apps in order to perform an unlimited variety of tasks, for a completely customizable CRM solution.

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Salesforce App Cloud makes a customized CRM solution possible. App Cloud exists as a single ecosystem and is used for creating and running all of the personalized applications that an organization might need. And, while it is possible for businesses to build and run their own applications without the Salesforce platform, App Cloud has certain advantages over other potential options:

  1. Intuitive interface. Those within an organization have the best understanding of what they need their apps to accomplish. Relaying those needs to app developers creates a potential disconnect — one that could result in miscommunications and lead to the creation of ineffective applications. App Cloud features a distinctly intuitive and easy-to-master interface, so no matter which member of the organization needs to build an app, they’ll be able to do so precisely to their own specifications. This means more effective systems, and as a result, more effective employees.
  2. Short development times. Some apps are more time-sensitive than others. When a specific need must be met immediately, waiting for the ideation, development, and release of an app to address that need is often simply not feasible. App Cloud takes advantage of easy, drag-and-drop elements to quickly create the necessary app and make it available for use, potentially in a matter of hours.
  3. Multiple development tools. There’s more than one way to go about developing apps, so it doesn’t make sense for organizations to limit their employees to using only one app development tool. Salesforce brings together three superior development tools —, Heroku Enterprise, and Lightning — so that app designers can work with the tool that is best suited for getting the job done right.
  4. Prebuilt apps. For those occasions when an organization would rather use something pre built, Salesforce offers access to the AppExchange. There, businesses can browse through thousands of existing third-party apps in the world’s largest enterprise app marketplace.
  5. Limitless possibilities. No matter the need, App Cloud is the solution for IT, marketing, HR, finance, operations, and more. It provides the tools and direction need by organizations — both large and small — in order to build the apps that will bring them success, and allow them to scale across a limitless number of devices and users.
And, if total app and/or platform customization isn’t what’s best for an organization, Salesforce also offers more basic configuration options for easier platform adoption for CRM beginners. These configurations can be implemented straight from the administration panel.
Whatever the need, whatever the organization, Salesforce provides customizable, configurable, and buildable solutions, and does so effectively, quickly, and with minimum difficulty.
Summary: Salesforce is committed to providing businesses large and small with the tools they need. Of the hundreds of advantages offered by Salesforce, perhaps the most valuable are the comprehensive CRM solutionsimproved performance, high security-standards, customizable solutions, innovation-focused systems, and specifically designed apps that allow for a CRM usability that extends as far and as wide as needed. And given that Salesforce provides an ROI on par with the best in the industry, there’s no reason not to give it a try.