Email Studio

Email is the engine that drives online commerce and is the foundation for building 1-to-1 relationships throughout the customer journey. Marketing Cloud offers hundreds of features to help you execute on every possible communication, from basic email marketing to sophisticated Personalization Builder decisioning.

  • Deliver smart and predictive content.

    Drag-and-drop content tools make it easy to create emails that capture your customers’ attention. With simple dynamic content blocks for personalization, integrated Personalization Builder, and predefined event triggers, automate relevant messages throughout the customer lifecycle with Email Studio.

  • Track and optimize email campaigns.

    Keep tabs on every email campaign and transactional send with real-time tracking and graphical reporting. Make the most of every email send — and boost ROI — with built-in A/B testing capabilities, integrated Personalization Builder, and leading email deliverability tools.

  • Scale capabilities.

    Whether you’re looking for standard email service provider features or need a sophisticated cross-channel marketing platform, you’ll never outgrow our capabilities. From sending millions of emails in a few minutes to empowering users around the world, to adding new customer communication channels to your brand strategy, Marketing Cloud has everything you need.

  • Connect with ease.

    Connecting Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud combines the best-of-breed email service provider, world-class digital marketing, and CRM technologies to empower your organization to build a single view of the customer and deliver more effective, personalized communications. The seamless connection allows organizations to create data-driven 1-to-1 messages that move the customer journey forward. Now all areas of your organization can utilize data to optimize customer interactions, including sales, services, customer support, in-store, online, and beyond.




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In today's connected world, every customer interaction matters. Marketing Cloud helps you make the most of every touchpoint, giving you the tools to manage the customer journey across all channels.

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