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Marketing Automation

Get smarter marketing automation software on the world's #1 CRM. Build awareness, drive cross-channel customer journeys, and scale marketing efforts with AI.

What can you do with CRM marketing automation?

Drive smarter customer engagement and maximize marketing ROI with automation.

Create and deliver boundless personalized journeys.

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Create boundless personalized journeys that build customer relationships across channels.

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Consolidate content in one place for efficient editing, tagging, and filtering.

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Deliver engaging emails that scale campaigns and enhance the subscriber experience.

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Send relevant mobile messages that meet your customers where they are, in real time.

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Image of the journey dashboard in Journey Builder
Content builder dashboard.
Image of a personalized email offer for a streaming service.
Image of a promotional WhatsApp message.

Drive efficient growth with marketing and sales alignment.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Build dynamic, personalized email journeys and landing pages with clicks, not code, to engage leads at the right place and time.

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Trigger webinar and event registrations, survey sends, and SMS sends in your automated journeys by connecting your marketing stack.

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Take the guesswork out of lead and account scoring through data-driven insights. Alert sales when a prospect is most engaged in CRM or in Slack.

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Get AI-driven insights into how each channel drives awareness, and help close deals at every buyer stage.

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Example image of a landing page
Visual example of a cross-channel journey built in Account Engagement
Image of an Einstein scoring dashboard.
Image of attribution data.

Get the most out of your marketing automation software with thousands of partner apps and experts.

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Marketing Automation FAQ.

Marketing automation software is a platform that streamlines campaign management and engages prospects and customers efficiently across channels. It enables businesses to segment audiences, track engagement, align marketing and sales team to nurture leads, and automate workflows, resulting in improved efficiency, personalized customer experiences, and increased ROI.

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Marketing automation software works by automating and streamlining various marketing tasks and processes. Here are some of the areas:

  1. Lead nurture and management.
  2. Audience segmentation and targetting.
  3. Seamless customer journeys across channels.
  4. Workflow automation.
  5. Analytics and reporting.

Marketing automation software automates marketing tasks like lead capture, email marketing, lead nurturing, behavior tracking, and reporting. It streamlines processes, delivers personalized messages, nurtures leads, and measures campaign effectiveness, saving time and improving engagement and conversion rates.

The right marketing automation software should help connect every cross-channel engagement for your customers and prospects efficiently and at scale. It should also help align your marketing and sales teams. Other things to consider are: vendor reputation, scalability, ease of use, time to value, support, pricing, and future roadmap alignment.

Marketing automation software can significantly benefit your business by streamlining marketing tasks, nurturing leads, aligning marketing and sales teams, and improving efficiency. It enables targeted campaigns, personalized messaging, cross-channel customer journeys, and better ROI tracking. If you want to scale your marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement, marketing automation software is highly recommended.

No, CRM software is used by sales teams and focuses on managing customer data and relationships, while marketing automation software is leveraged by marketing teams and automates marketing tasks. Companies can integrate CRM and marketing automation to enhance customer management and deliver on personalized marketing campaigns based on shared data.