Make real progress on process.

Even complex business processes can be easily automated, streamlined, and simplified with apps for any department, any role, any size business.

Any business. Any department. Any app.

  • IT Apps

    Apps help you automate basic tasks like help desk and software license management so you can focus on innovation.

  • Marketing Apps

    Manage even the most complex marketing program — and get real-time results — right on your phone.

  • HR Apps

    Salesforce for HR transforms employee engagement by delivering personalized experiences to empower employees, and provides the data and insights organizations need to attract, manage, and retain the best and brightest talent.

  • Finance Apps

    Connect your finance department to Salesforce data so they can perform better forecasting and drive strategic decision making.

  • Operations Apps

    From deliveries to inventory, keep every moving part in your enterprise working in perfect sync with operations apps that deliver real-time data on any device to any employee.

  • Apps for Small and Medium Business

    Whatever size your business is, grow faster with apps that streamline core business processes.


90 practical app ideas to build on Salesforce Platform

See what customers and partners are building on Salesforce Platform and the get app ideas for over 10 industries in this “App Guide and Gallery.”

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90 practical app ideas