Salesforce Platform plays well with others.

See what it looks like when everything works together. Connect your legacy systems, unlock your back office and extend your apps with APIs.

Point. Click. Connect.

  • Connect any data source in minutes, not months.

    Connect and access data from external sources with point-and-click simplicity. Incorporate data from legacy systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, you name it) in real time in Salesforce application objects. Dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems.

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  • Unlock your back office.

    Integrate back-office systems and legacy technology with Salesforce Platform. Get APIs and tools to build apps that help connect your employees and your data by unlocking existing systems like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Don’t rebuild, integrate.

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  • Extend access with fully loaded, with powerful APIs.

    Get a rich set of secure APIs for programmatic access to your organization’s most important information. Whether accessing Salesforce data via the REST API or integrating with other apps and devices using the SOAP APIs, App Cloud has you covered.



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