Traditional analytics tools require you to use manual, trial-and-error to find the right answers. BeyondCore automatically examines millions of data combinations in minutes to uncover unbiased answers, explanations, and recommendations.

Data visualizations show what has happened, but not all visually appealing graphs are statistically sound. BeyondCore explains the underlying reasons behind patterns, so you can avoid misleading graphs and focus on the metrics that matter.


It’s difficult to know what data to analyze and which questions to ask. It’s even harder to create statistical or predictive analysis, draw the right visualizations, and quickly explain them. Now BeyondCore handles the storytelling with a single click, so anyone can tap into the power of data science.

Now you can stop running manual “what if” analysis that requires you to define which scenarios to evaluate. BeyondCore provides automated analysis, sifting through all possible outcomes to deliver the best actionable insights to improve your business metrics.


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