Wave for Sales is the quickest way to turn your data into sales, across every kind of device.


Wave for Sales is seamlessly integrated with Sales Cloud, so it’s easy to instantly get the right data into your dashboards. And because it’s Salesforce, it has the same speed, scale, and security you already enjoy.

Your weekly pipeline call, quarterly business review, and performance metrics are now powered by Wave. Templates pre-populated with your Sales Cloud data bring best practice dashboards and KPIs to your entire sales team.

Sales managers can finally track year-over-year business performance and get a better view of the big picture. Review pipeline movement and risk indicators, and forecast metrics to identify behaviors that drive sales.

Once you find answers, Wave Actions can help you create and update records and objects, right within the app. And you can instantly collaborate through Chatter, using any device.

Test drive Einstein Analytics and explore real datasets.