Watch this demo of Wave Analytics and see how self-service analytics apps will transform the way you find answers and take action.


The Wave Apps ecosystem includes 19 industry-leading partners who are bringing analytics to every business user. Now you can bridge sales, service, marketing, HR, and IT. Connect back office employees with apps for ERP and IT. AppExchange has a Wave app for everyone in every industry.

Wave Apps are pre-integrated and designed to work with your existing Salesforce clouds. This means implementation is quick, upgrades are automatic, and you can finally say goodbye to the hassle of configuring complex BI tools to fit your business.

Wave Apps will save your entire organization time by putting prepackaged insights directly into your hands, no matter where you’re working, what device you’re using, or what department you’re in. And instant actionability means you can quickly turn that insight into results.

Every line of business is unique, and each industry operates differently. That’s why Wave ISV apps are designed mobile-first, to allow every team to take action from anywhere. From field service agents, to retail cashiers, to bank tellers, and beyond, Wave Apps deliver instant insights you can work with.

Test drive Einstein Analytics and explore real datasets.