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Generating quality leads is tough. But you know what’s tougher than that? Dropping quality leads because you forgot to follow up, lost contact info, or couldn’t remember who on your marketing team was responsible for which lead. This is where having good lead management software can be a real game changer. Lead management is key to giving good leads the chance to become great sales opportunities.

Lead management: The process of generating, qualifying, and nurturing leads, and handing them off to a sales team.

Fact is, most leads aren’t buyers — they’re curious people taking a look at your offerings without any intention of making a purchase. Online lead management is as much about weeding out the window shoppers as it is managing your database of contacts. Implementing a good lead management system can spell the difference between handing hot prospects off to your sales team and wasting their time with countless dead ends.

A good lead management system can also help your marketing and sales departments work together as a well-oiled machine. When they combine forces to build and drive pipeline, the whole business comes out on top.

Salesforce’s lead management tools can help your business manage leads from prospect to close, with speed and efficiency. Take a look at these resources to learn more about managing leads in Salesforce.


Get out on the trail and learn all about Salesforce. Trailhead is self-paced, fun, and free to use.

Start with these trails to go hands-on with using Salesforce for smart and efficient lead management:

Trailhead: Opportunity Management
Learn to manage prospects from lead to close in Sales Cloud. When sales and marketing work together, and leads are quickly prioritized and qualified, you can set your reps up to close more deals.

Trailhead: Leads and Opportunities
Learn how to power your sales process in Salesforce. From using opportunities to converting and assigning leads, Salesforce’s sales lead management tools are designed to help you set up and support the right process for your sales teams.

Trailhead: Sales Cloud: Quick Look — Grow Your Business with Sales Cloud
Make your sales team more productive with Sales Cloud. See how Salesforce’s lead management software integrates seamlessly with the rest of Sales Cloud’s functionality to help make your reps more productive.

Trailhead: Get to Know Sales Cloud
See how Sales Cloud takes sales lead management to the next level with a full-blown CRM platform. With Sales Cloud, running reports is easy, and you can manage leads from your mobile device, thanks to intelligent alerts that tell you about the best leads for your team to pursue.

Trailhead: Lightning Experience Features: Explore the New Sales Tools
Go hands-on with faster, easier qualifying and converting of leads in Sales Cloud Lightning Experience. Managing leads in Salesforce has never been easier.

Salesforce Documentation

Official Documentation: Manage Leads
Learn all about lead management in Salesforce. Get up to speed on viewing, updating, and converting leads as you build your pipeline.

E-book: Salesforce Lead Management Implementation Guide
A comprehensive guide to setting up lead management in Salesforce. Our lead management software helps your inside opportunity or telesales teams qualify leads before passing them on to sales.

Trailblazer Community

Trailblazer Community: 5 Steps to Effective Lead Management
Increase your pipeline, focus on the right leads, and track what works and what doesn't with these five easy steps.

Trailblazer Community: 6 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Leads
Use the leads object in Salesforce to gather information critical to refining your sales process and reaching high conversion rates.

More Awesome Resources

Salesforce Blog: 7 Best Practices for Lead Management
These seven best practices can help you increase your pipeline, make sure you focus on the right leads, and track what works and what doesn’t.

Sales Cloud: Lead Management
Watch this short demo to learn how Sales Cloud helps you show the impact of your marketing activities and enables you to invest your time on the hottest leads.

Pardot: 7 Simple Lead Management Tips
Get your sales reps the leads they want and marketing the recognition they deserve with these seven easy tips for failproof lead management.

Video: Leads and Campaign Management Demo
Quick video overview shows how leads in Sales Cloud lets you work through your best sales leads in minutes so you can sell faster from anywhere.

Video: Salesforce Fundamentals: Strategy for Campaign and Lead Management
This deep dive explains how campaigns and leads are managed in Salesforce, and how you can see real ROI with your marketing efforts.



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