There are lots of new business opportunities in the fire hose of data streaming from today’s internet-connected products. Yet IoT data, by itself, won’t help your bottom line until it’s associated with customers. IoT Cloud enables a customer-focused IoT strategy by connecting all your device data to Salesforce.
Behind the billions of connected apps, devices, sensors, and sites, there are customers — people who expect your product or service to live up to its promise. If it does, they might tell a friend. If it doesn’t, they’ll tell everyone .

Make sure you’re giving customers the best experience with Salesforce IoT, the only platform designed to put your IoT data where it will do your customers the most good: right inside Salesforce.
Test business ideas without being a programmer. Rapidly build, test, and iterate using clicks, not code.
Get a complete picture of product usage and performance by associating IoT devices with real customers.
Develop meaningful customer experiences across all of your connected products.
Ingesting and processing all those billions of IoT events in real time requires Thunder, the world’s most scalable event processing engine. It makes all your device operations, sensor triggers, human interactions, and a lot more, available throughout Salesforce where you can put it to good use.