Make every marketing moment smarter with Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

Customers have gone digital-first. And marketers must be data-first in order to engage with relevance, personalize every moment, and build trusted customer relationships. And they must do all this while driving revenue and working from anywhere.

That's a tall order for any marketer.

Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform can help keep you centered with a single-source of truth — providing more intelligent, actionable, and trusted data at your fingertips.


See Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform in action.

See first-hand how Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform helps you collect and unify all your customer data — so you can humanize every moment.

Know your customers

Unify all your data — from anywhere — for a complete view of your customers.


Build a single source of truth.

Create a unified customer profile across all touchpoints by connecting identities, engagement data, customer orders, loyalty, marketing journeys, and privacy management.

Match data to a person.

Reconcile identities through a common ID using advanced resolution capabilities that link data, like fuzzy matching, to build unified profiles.

Bring all your data under one roof.

Leave no data behind. Capture and unify data from anywhere with a high-scale data ingestion service, plus the power of Mulesoft’s industry-leading APIs.

Understand your audience across your organization.

Know your customer everywhere. Give every interaction context and relevance by connecting your marketing to sales, service, commerce and more.


Get tools and resources to build a data-driven ad strategy.


Segment Your Data

Build smarter audience segments with data from anywhere with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform.


Build any way you want.

Build highly targeted customer audience segments with custom strings of contact- or event-level data from marketing, commerce, sales, or service.

Test and optimize on the fly.

With unified customer data, quickly get accurate population counts of your target audiences, and build customer segments on the fly.

Manage audiences with ease.

Manage all your segmentation and targeting efforts from one central, user-friendly interface.

Segment smarter.

Segments have gotten smarter with type-ahead functionality, plus AI that democratizes the power of big data analytics for marketers.


See how customer data helps grow your audience — and your business.


Activate data anywhere

Activate data from anywhere across your organization for more connected, personalized experiences.


Reach customers at every step of their journey.

Activate your customer data across any advertising, messaging, or engagement platform — from Marketing Cloud, to Commerce Cloud, or an external platform of your choice.

Make every experience compliant.

Stay compliant with the GDPR and CCPA easily, with safe provisioning measures and dashboards for opt-outs and consent flags.

Engage customers on a 1-to-1 level.

With unified customer profiles, you can deliver the right content to the right customer on the right channel. Also, you can determine and predict their next best action.

Open access.

Put your customer data to work. With open access, brands can unlock the power of 7,000 connected apps through AppExchange.

Analyze and adapt quickly

Connect every customer to their engagement behavior with AI-driven, cross-channel insights so you can adjust your marketing efforts — and audience segments — accordingly.


Enrich and analyze unified profiles.

Calculate a customer's lifetime value or engagement score with Calculated Insights to further analyze and enrich unified profiles.

Connect to business intelligence tools.

Visualize and explore audience data in the world's leading business intelligence platform, Tableau, and enhance your marketing optimizations with audience insights in Datorama — all via our native CDP connectors.

Activate smarter.

Leverage the power of Einstein to create intelligent segments and improve activation efforts with more control and precision, helping boost your engagement metrics.


Trouble with customer data? CDP can help.


Discover the latest innovations in Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform.

Break down silos across your company by connecting Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform to commerce data, and personalize every interaction with key insights from ecommerce (currently in pilot).
Connect Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform and Interaction Studio, and enrich your audiences with real-time interaction data — delivering smarter engagement with a unified customer profile.
With Datorama and Tableau integrations, get visualized, AI-powered insights to enrich audience discovery and optimize marketing performance.
With our new Calculated Insights feature, deepen your understanding of customers with data like customer lifetime value, engagement scores, and more.
With Loyalty Management, you can activate loyalty data — including membership status, loyalty tier, and points balance — across your marketing and advertising segments.


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