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Get to know Salesforce's #1 solution for audience discovery, data acquisition, and data provisioning — featuring the world's largest premium data ecosystem.

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Discover unique audience insights, powered by premium data from the world's largest source of second-party data.


Discover high-quality audiences at scale.


Find unique new audiences.

Unearth deep insights about existing and potential targets with advanced audience discovery tools.

Create new partnerships.

Find and activate data partnerships with the most premium data providers with the most exclusive audiences unavailable elsewhere.

Streamline your toolset.

With a user-friendly interface, combine previously complicated index and overlap reports into a single view that any media planner or analyst can use.

Activate your data without limits.

Reach new prospects with ease using seamless integration into over 200 activation channels.

See the essential guide to second-party data.

Learn how marketers and data owners are transforming marketing through data sharing.


Monetize your data with full transparency and control.


Increase demand for your data.

Expose your premium audiences to the world's largest enterprise marketers by leveraging the power of Salesforce's massive set of demand partners.

Maximize your revenue.

Get the tools to share your data and generate revenue for your business — without the middle man.

Manage your data asset like a pro.

Have more control than ever over who, what, when, and how you are making your data available with granular provisioning tools.

Share data appropriately.

Data owners can choose to make their data publicly available, or only do private peer-to-peer data sharing with trusted partners.


Protect your data and provision it at scale to trusted partners with data governance.


Take control with provisioning tools.

Salesforce Data Studio's provisioning tools are powered by real data rights management, giving data owners complete control.

Get transparent reporting.

Take command of your data strategy with easy-to-use reporting and management tools.

Open up walled gardens.

Salesforce Data Studio is the only platform trusted by large retailers and other walled gardens for direct data deals.

Transact with total flexibility.

Data sellers have complete control to manage partnerships individually to maximize revenue yield.

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