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Financial Times web and mobile app transforms the business of journalism. App

Responding to a new generation of news consumers, Financial Times integrated news delivery with customer data to optimize the online experience.


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The Business Challenge

As the Internet decimated revenue for print publishers, Financial Times focused on the digital experience. But creating a digital-first approach for its 2.1 million readers proved challenging. The publisher needed to build a unified brand experience across all channels so readers could move fluidly and seamlessly between devices and browsers.

The App Solution

To achieve its vision, Financial Times empowered a small team of internal developers to build a highly scaleable, next-gen version of the company's news site on Heroku. By connecting Salesforce CRM data to the website, Financial Times revolutionized its customer engagement. The new provides readers with a faster, more personalized, and more consistent experience.

All customer data is inside Salesforce, so we can tailor information to users and subscribers based on a single data source.”

DAVID EDGE, Software Development Manager

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