Create apps fast using no-code builders or develop amazing customer-facing experiences with pro-code tools.
Speed app building by assembling apps from a large library of reusable, well-defined components. With Lightning App Builder, anyone can combine custom and off-the-shelf components to assemble beautiful apps visually.
Automate complex business processes fast. Now admins and nontechnical employees in any department, at any business, can expedite processes without IT support.
The world's #1 business app marketplace is your source for new, ready-made components. Extend the capabilities of your project by downloading plug-and-play features or entire apps.
Empower anyone to easily build, extend, and launch mobile apps. Add business logic, integration, and intelligence. Push your apps to employees and customers hassle-free with mobile publishers.
Salesforce DX is an open, integrated development environment that makes development on the Salesforce Platform easy. Build collaboratively with colleagues and deliver new features continuously.
Unleash what's possible with mobile and web apps built on Heroku. Instantly scale to millions of visitors and customers while delivering engaging customer experiences.
The Lightning Component Framework makes it easier to build responsive applications for any device. Snap in self-contained, reusable units to create your app’s UI in minutes.
With the Lightning Platform, app building is easier and faster. Core functionality such as security, artificial intelligence, analytics, and responsiveness is included, giving you the time and freedom to bring your vision to life.
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