Build a single source of truth for your customers.

Consolidate customer identity, create a secure data hub, and deliver hyperpersonalized customer experiences across all your clouds — that’s the power of Customer 360 Truth.

Data Manager

Connect your clouds with native, platformwide integration. Register multiple accounts to map to a common information model. Then, reconcile data across your orgs, clouds, and third-party systems on one hub. Identify any customer and surface their data from any system, to provide multichannel experiences.

Identity for Customers

Minimize password problems and make it easier for your increasingly mobile workforce to access all your orgs and third-party systems. You can even deploy two-factor authentication for heightened verification and security scenarios. Engage more directly with customers when you see how they access your products.


Deliver secure and scalable custom notifications between Salesforce and external sources. Publish and subscribe to event streams that can be embedded into workflows inside Salesforce. With Platform Events, you can streamline integration and communicate changes efficiently with other systems.


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