is the fastest way to create powerful enterprise apps with clicks or code.


With and Lightning, you can build powerful enterprise apps without writing a line of code. Now, developers and business users can create powerful apps, workflows, and data schemas with drag-and-drop ease using our Lightning platform and components.

If you need to go beyond clicks, you can create reusable Lightning components using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or build entirely new user interfaces with Visualforce and your JavaScript framework of choice. apps are automatically connected to all of your Salesforce data, and easily connect with any external data source using our powerful APIs. includes robust, out-of-the-box security controls that handle user authentication and let you specify which users or groups of users can view, create, edit, or delete any record or field in the app. Using profiles, sharing rules, permission sets, and role hierarchies, you get precision control over how data is shared across your users.

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