Meet Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud. Help reps sell smarter and faster than ever before.

Meet Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud.

Help reps sell smarter and faster than ever before.

Close more deals in less time using Einstein AI and the Lightning Sales Console, an experience designed specifically for the needs of today's sales reps.


Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud delivers:

•  AI embedded in the sales process
•  A lightning fast click-to-call dialer 
•  Automated activity capture
•  Everything reps need in one screen


Explore the Einstein AI and Lightning features that revolutionize sales and boost productivity.

Put the power of AI-driven predictive lead scoring, activity capture, and the speed of an integrated dialer — plus more — all in one console. It's the next generation of sales, powered by AI.


Lightning Sales Console delivers a unified, intuitive sales experience.

Sales reps now have everything needed to sell faster all in one screen — from following up on leads and assessing companies to identifing key contacts and more.

Call prospects faster with a single click using Lightning Dialer.

Stop dialing phone numbers all day long — click to call the next lead with Lightning Dialer right in the console. Even log all of your notes automatically the moment your call is over.

See how Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud works.

Discover how Einstein AI saves reps some serious time and helps them convert more.


Einstein Lead Scoring prioritizes leads so reps focus on converting.

Einstein AI discovers patterns from your sales history to intelligently score and prioritize new leads, surfacing them in the console. The result: Reps focus on the leads most likely to convert.

Reduce manual data entry with AI-powered activity capture.

Spend more time working on deals, not entering data — automatically associate relevant emails and meetings to the right records, right from your inbox with Einstein Activity Capture.

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The Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud experience is here.