Lightning Dialer

Gain back hours of productivity by communicating more efficiently with prospects and customers. It begins by logging details right from within Salesforce.


Call prospects with a click.

Reach out to customers and prospects immediately just by clicking on their phone number within Salesforce.

Multitask to move deals along faster.

Find answers, view call history, take notes, and finalize details while your prospects are on the line, all without switching apps or devices.

Reduce data entry. Increase productivity.

No more sticky notes or napkin scribbles. Streamline the sales process with automatic call logging, voicemail drop, and call lists you can power through to connect to your leads and contacts faster.

Turn inbound calls into personalized sales.

Build more trust with customers when incoming calls reach a personal, dedicated number and voicemail.

Lightning Dialer Pricing

Lightning Dialer offers an outbound calling product with the option to add inbound calling functionality. You can pay for just the total number of minutes your entire org uses (in blocks of 1,000 minutes).


Log details right from within Salesforce.
$ 25
(billed annually)


Communicate more efficiently with prospects and customers.
$ 5
(billed annually)


Price is for each block of 1,000 minutes.
$ 15
(billed annually)

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