Get the most out of every customer interaction with Einstein Conversation Insights.


Get the intel you need to close more deals — fast.


Deliver success at scale.

Accelerate onboarding, enablement, and continued success by sharing best-in-class conversations with your teams.

Coach to win more.

Quickly find personalized teaching moments for each rep based on actual customer interactions.

Build a data-driven enablement strategy.

Now it’s easier than ever to get the sales insights you need to build successful selling and enablement strategies. All based on trending topics and customer signals pulled from every conversation.


Drive growth with every conversation.

Gathering the most relevant customer data from every interaction is easy with Einstein Conversation Insights. Now skilling up your team is a breeze. You’ll be able to:

Review keyword mentions, talk-listen ratios, speaker tracks, participants, and duration on call records


Highlight and comment on relevant sections of audio and video conversations with chatter

Archive successful calls in your very own conversation library


Visualize conversation insights and analytics with an easy-to-use dashboard



Einstein Conversation Insights Pricing

Einstein Conversation Insights

Track conversational insights, like keywords, talk tracks, and more.
$ 50
(billed annually)

Einstein Conversation Insights and Sales Engagement

Complete your virtual selling solution with insights and automation in one place.
$ 75
(billed annually)
* This edition requires an annual contract.
This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.

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