Get location intelligence for sales and service inside the World’s #1 CRM.

Empower your workforce on every journey, at every location, with add-ons for complex routes, territory optimization, and live updates from the field.

salesforce maps

Optimize routes, prioritize schedules, and win leads.


Visualize data efficiently.

Save hours in planning, administration, and drive time with route optimization and auto-logging of activity data.

Build smart visit plans.

Prioritize and scale daily customer visits using key business data, such as lead value and account type.

Accelerate revenue.

Focus on high-value nearby lead opportunities and service appointments in every field opportunity.

Manage complex use cases.

Upgrade to Salesforce Maps Advanced for even more complex geo-visualization, route optimization, and analytics.

customer success story

Our reps got back about two hours a day because they could quickly plot and schedule. They could also fit in one or two more visits a day.”

Janice Cutler, GM of Salesforce Innovation at Modern Star

territory planning

Take planning out of spreadsheets.


Maximize revenue.

Seamlessly coordinate critical account and user data with the territory planning and assignment process.

Ensure equitability.

Automatically balance territories based on attributes that matter most, and plan daily routes based on what’s easily accessible for your teams.

Save hundreds of hours.

Eliminate cumbersome manual planning processes by running multiple scenarios nimbly and seamlessly.

Shrink the planning cycle.

Design and roll out streamlined territory plans at scale with quick, automatic updates for new reps and other business changes.

live tracking

Get field visibility anytime, from anywhere.


Track everything at all times.

Accurately track equipment location and operating attributes to identify problems, optimize safety, and save on expenses.

Boost customer satisfaction.

Deliver better experiences by optimizing your technicians’ time and improving billing processes.

Automatically log and update.

Auto-log customer visits with geo-fencing, and seamlessly update business processes with accurate data to manage performance.

location across your business

Transform every business function with fast, agile location intelligence.


Go mobile.

Take location intelligence on the road with Salesforce Maps Mobile.

Expand to your Communities.

Extend location intelligence to community experiences for employees, customers, and partners.

Enhance the Customer 360 experience.

Integrate location for smarter marketing, hiring, analytics, and more.

Salesforce Maps Pricing

Location-based intelligence to optimize your sales processes.

Salesforce Maps

Visualize your Salesforce data on interactive maps
$ 75
(billed annually)

Salesforce Maps: Advanced

Turbocharge field productivity with Advanced Route Optimization and Geo-Analytics
$ 125
(billed annually)

Extend location intelligence these add-ons.


Territory Planning

Optimize planning with automated insights
$ 75
(billed annually)

Live Tracking

Track field operations anytime from any device
$ 25
(billed annually)
* This edition requires an annual contract.


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