Now customers can have personalized service everywhere when embed channels right in your app with Service Cloud Snap-ins.
Embed service in your customer experience. With 2-way video chat, Live Agent Chat, and Self-Service Knowledge articles, you can connect with customers no matter where they are in their journey. Allow customers to engage with your company when they need it, and where they need it.
No complex integration required. Setting up Service Cloud Snap-Ins functionality in your apps is as easy as copy and paste. With the Snap-ins software development kit (SDK) you can snap service channels into your existing native app, to create a cohesive and  connected customer experience.
Get answers quickly with Snap-Ins. Surface relevant knowledge articles and information based on where the customer is in your app or website. Snap-ins provides an intelligent customer experience that allows customers to get information quickly and efficiently.
From your web page to mobile apps, for customers on the move Snap-ins allows you to connect with them at every touchpoint. So you can deliver a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint, and your customers will always know it’s you.
Deliver a one-of-a-kind, personalized service experience your customers will love with SOS one- or two-way video chat that includes the ability to screen share with agent annotations.
Let your customers quickly browse or search for contextually relevant articles and FAQ answers on their own by integrating a knowledge base on webpages and mobile apps.
Provide personalized, real-time help to customers via text chat. Agents can seamlessly escalate the session to video chat whenever needed to resolve the issue.
Track and manage all case interactions right within the app, including configurable case publishing, case feed, and case list view.
You can start delivering lightning-fast customer service in a few easy steps. Plus, access our Success Community to learn from other users, and more.