Simplify employee service with an efficient, scalable solution for everyone.


Help employees help themselves.

Empower employees to quickly find answers to common HR and IT questions with a self-service portal. Find everything from knowledge articles to ticket updates to built-in workflows — all quickly built and customized with your brand.

Manage cases from a single screen.

Resolve requests and tickets faster with an omni-channel workspace that gives you a complete view of your employee. Streamline workflows with built-in productivity tools, AI, and automation.

Support employees over every channel.

Connect with your employees on channels like chat, messaging, email, and more. Solve common requests by embedding AI chatbots in your channels, and answer more complex questions by seamlessly transferring employees to the right help personnel.

Platform Advantage

Run your employee service on the world’s leading service platform.

Create a single view of every employee by unifying data across departments

Create personalized workspaces with prebuilt or custom components

Automate complex processes like onboarding and IT ticketing.

Build apps for every employee in any role or department

Get innovative new product features released 3x a year


HR and IT

Engage your employees and provide a better experience for your support teams.


Employee Service for HR

Boost employee engagement with a complete HR support solution. 

Employee Service for IT

Decrease ticket resolution time and increase productivity for your IT team. 

Customer Success Spotlight

See how these companies make employee service work better with Salesforce.


The fact that Salesforce makes so much information available has been a huge factor in our success.”

Brent Kueper, Director of HR Technology, Macy’s


See how you can streamline employee service for HR and IT.