Chapter 3: Empower sales to deliver higher ROI

Give your sales team the tools they need to streamline account planning and execution.

Salespeople are the ambassadors working on the front lines of your joint business planning strategy. Promotions are a key part of that effort: That’s why 25% of a salesperson’s time is spent designing, implementing, and overseeing promotions. But when you consider that sales is also responsible for meeting revenue targets, managing contracts, and communicating with customers, it’s clear you need to empower them with tools that support the full spectrum of their responsibilities.

Streamline account planning and joint business planning

Real-time collaboration fuels alignment on a single platform. Manage account planning and execution with your internal team to efficiently set goals, track attainment, and scale (or pivot). Built-in analytics delivers an in-depth view into account health, sales metrics, growth opportunities, and field execution effectiveness.

Reduce trade overspend, deductions, and forward buys

Fourteen percent of sales are lost due to inefficient execution. View actual sales versus plan data in real time to prevent costly overspends, deductions, and forward buys. Nurture pay-for-performance strategies while avoiding the need to transfer funds to cover overages.

Streamline customer, distributor, and prospect communications

From one screen, give your sales teams the tools they need to manage relationships with distributors, customers, and end-consumer marketing. Centralize prospect management in one place so reps can source, score, and screen potential customers. Communicate with existing channel partners and build new channel relationships through targeted trade marketing. Deliver personalized marketing journeys and see at a glance which assets resonate the most.

Manage the sales agreement lifecycle

Embed sales agreements and process renewals on a shared platform. Track account performance over time based on metrics you define. Ensure achievement of distribution goals by checking to see if retailers are carrying the right products.

Digitize TPM data for a connected, intelligent experience

Tighter margins means CG companies are laser-focused on growth. Getting a higher ROI from the billions the industry spends on promotions is a key priority. But to close the execution gap, companies first need to understand the effectiveness of their promotions. With intelligent, data-driven TPM, companies can find and scale the most profitable programs fast — and that’s the win-win CG companies need to build stronger retailer relationships.

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