The 2024 Retail Holiday Planning Guide

Learn to use data and AI to create holiday moments that keep shoppers loyal.


Are you holiday-ready?

The retail year hangs on holidays, from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, from Fourth of July to Halloween, and of course, all those year-end celebrations around the world. It’s a lot of pressure — ordering the right inventory for the right season, offering enticing discounts and promotions, and providing personalized attention to every shopper to keep them coming back.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: In the 2024 Retail Holiday Planning Guide, we reveal the key to winning peak holiday season (psst! It’s data!) and show you four ways to stand out to shoppers this year.


Learn to use data and AI to grow revenue and relationships with smart holiday strategies.

Are you ready to:

  • Lean into loyal shoppers to get the season started?
  • Get everyone talking about your stepped-up online search game?
  • Make service the steel thread across every customer engagement?
  • Give employees and store associates superpowers?

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