Reports and Dashboards

Easily track lead volume, conversion rates, and every part of your pipeline for a real-time view of the state of your business.

Get an at-a-glance view of your basic sales metrics for instant action.

  • Build reports without help from IT.

    Stay updated with customized reports that you can build with ease. Just drag and drop on the fields, filters, groupings, and charts that you want, and get an immediate real-time view.

  • Modify charts in your report, on the same screen.

    With dashboards, sales managers can track team performance and quickly make changes to dashboard components to get the most important information front and center.

  • Make critical decisions from anywhere.

    Use the Salesforce1 Mobile App to check on your key business metrics from anywhere. From email and opportunity management to tasks and collaboration, get what you need to close deals faster, on any device.

Take an interactive guided tour.

Learn how a sales manager and sales rep use Salesforce to manage their day. This interactive tour guides you through the different capabilities of Salesforce. Experience the world’s #1 CRM app today.


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