Email Integration

Use the email applications you already know. No one needs to change the way they work, so everyone stays productive.

Sync data between email and Salesforce.

  • Use Salesforce for Outlook to sync Outlook with Salesforce.

    If you run your life in Outlook, your contacts, calendars, emails, and tasks also live in Outlook. With Salesforce for Outlook, automatic synchronization eliminates the data entry chore. And even better, it's administered 100% in the cloud, so your administrator can support you from across the room or around the world.

  • Track every customer email from any email app.

    Salesforce lets you easily track customer emails from any email app with a simple BCC. Automatically capture every customer interaction within Salesforce, and associate it with the appropriate contact, opportunity, or account.

  • Make every customer email compelling and consistent.

    Salesforce lets sales and marketing craft engaging email templates on any topic. Deliver a consistent message to your prospects and customers to drive interest, with automatic follow-up tracking.


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