Sales Forecasting

Get a real-time view of your entire team’s forecast, including in-line forecast adjustments, and override visibility up and down the management hierarchy.

See forecast adjustments as soon as they're made.

  • Have an accurate view of your forecast with real-time adjustments.

    Think a rep might come in above or below their forecasted amount? You can easily apply your judgment to forecasted amounts at the rep, period, and summary levels. You can also view details about any previous adjustments that you or your team has provided, while leaving the underlying opportunity data intact.

  • Quickly see how you’re performing against plan.

    The forecast screen shows quota and quota attainment right alongside the forecast numbers. By tracking overall quota attainment for the month, the forecast period, or in each forecast category, it’s easier than ever to know where to focus, whether you’re a rep or a manager.

  • Forecast for complex sales teams.

    Even if your company has a complex sales organization, Salesforce can help. Overlay Splits allows you to credit the right amounts – by revenue, contract value, and more – to sales overlays. You can then view the forecast by overlays to see how they’re contributing to your number.

  • Model your forecast to fit your business in just a few clicks.

    Use standard forecast categories like “pipeline” and “closed”, or tailor them to map to your company's forecast stages. You can also calculate your forecast based on revenue, product families, or even opportunity splits. Then customize your forecast view based on revenue, quantity, or any other custom forecast type you define.


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