Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  •  What is SalesforceIQ?
    Whether you’re a small businesses just getting started or a mature business using Sales Cloud, SalesforceIQ powers your business. SalesforceIQ for Small Business is an out-of-the-box CRM solution that can be set up in minutes. Sales Cloud customers can also harness the power of Relationship Intelligence with the SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud apps (Chrome, iOS and Android).
  •  What is the difference between SalesforceIQ for Small Business and Sales Cloud?
    SalesforceIQ for Small Business is an out-of-the-box CRM that automatically tracks and analyzes the day-to-day interactions that drive professional relationships. With SalesforceIQ you can quickly connect with your Gmail or Exchange email and leverage relationship intelligence to sell smarter. Sales Cloud is a fully customizable platform that can provide a single view of your customer and access thousands of applications via the App Exchange.
  •  How does the free trial work?
    We offer a 14 day free trial for SalesforceIQ that is separate from the Sales Cloud free trial. During the trial, you will get to experience all of the features of the SalesforceIQ Business plan.
  •  I need a simple, out of the box CRM solution. Should I use Sales Cloud or SalesforceIQ?
    Both products offer great benefits for small businesses, but you should determine what is most important for your company. If you need to fully customize your CRM or have access to the app exchange, you should consider Sales Cloud. If you use Gmail or Exchange to access your mail and calendar and do not have the resources to spend on the setup of your CRM, you should consider SalesforceIQ.
  •  How long does SalesforceIQ take to get started?
    Your sales team can be up and running in minutes without the need of additional admin/IT support.
  •  Is SalesforceIQ available on mobile?
    The SalesforceIQ mobile app seamlessly integrates your email inbox with your CRM data, putting all the information you need to close deals at your fingertips. You can manage your entire sales process directly from your phone by staying up to date with the status of a deal, informing teammates of key information as it happens, and managing your inbox with CRM insights.
  •  Does SalesforceIQ integrate into other systems?
    Use native integrations with key tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, and Pardot. Easily connect to over 300 apps using Zapier, or write your own integration using our powerful API.
  •  What budget do I need to deploy the SalesforceIQ starter plan?
    The SalesforceIQ starter ($25USD/user/month) is perfect for those looking to get started quickly. Other plans are available for companies who need integrations and reporting.


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